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Microsoft #‎DevDayUa [Kyiv, Ukraine]

Yesterday attended ‪#‎DevDayUa‬ event in Kyiv. No doubt, I had a really fun day with all the lectures and presentations. Pardon me for poor pictures quality, all the blames should go to Iphone4.
There were three different main stages for presentations – Cloud Development, Client Development and Instruments&Servers.


First floor was full of different cool  projects including 3D printer which made his own 3D printer which also can do another 3D printer


Different kinds of LEGO robots which u can construct by yourself, then program and play. In Kyiv there is even some kind of LEGO robots center for kids to learn construction from really young age. 

Some kind of “Mind games” – idea is similar to “MindFlex Duel

As for presentations, first one “The future of services” by David Chappell was really impressive. Actually all of the presentations you can watch here
We were running between all three stages searching for most interesting presentations as for two Java Devs 😛
Another cool presentation, which really touched me (mostly because of its super practical application for home) was presentation by French man Laurent Ellerbach “Internet of Things: a real example with an home automation system using Arduino, Netduino and Microsoft Azure” or check ppt here . This presentation gave an idea about making smart home via simply Arduino platform, e.g. feeding cats while I’m not at home or watering plants.

Later on we had really nice Buffet style lunch with an amazing view over golf-field as venue of this even was huge Kyiv Golf Club.

Feeling full and not hungry at all we went for other presentations, meanwhile checking other cool things downstairs.
Virtual reality 3D glasses

Compilyator project of writing some text via light signal

As a summary, it was really entertaining day and motivational day:)


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