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Google Polymer [10 Google Polymer Tutorials – From Basic To Advanced]

Learn complete Google Polymer with these tutorial series that take you from beginner to advanced level.

Google Polymer has taken component-based software engineering to a whole new level. The Polymer library makes it faster and easier to build spectacular applications, and since it has been built on the Web Components, it provides us with new composability over the web.

If you are a fan of material design, then you might already know that Polymer played a key role in material design development. Although both Polymer and Material design are still “under development”, what has already been made available to designers and developers is nothing less than amazing. Thanks to Polymer, we don’t have to worry about browser support since Polymer provides us with a set of “polyfills” that are easily compatible with non-compliant browser.

Since this is a new-age technology that has added an interesting twist to development, it becomes crucial for every futuristic-minded programmer to learn whatever there is to know about Google Polymer.js. Here are a few resources that should help you on your way to mastering the Polymer.

Level Up Tuts Polymer Tutorial

Level UpTuts has always done a great job when it comes to “instructional documentation”. With the Polymer Tutorials you can start as a beginner by learning what Polymer is, how to install it, how to create your first element, and so on. Then you can move on to more complicated techniques such as binding and iteration, layout attributes, using core elements, and material designing with paper elements.

Polymer Project – Getting Started

What would be better a resource than Polymer’s very own website? Google’s Polymer Project website lists everything there is to know about the new development techniques. Under the “your first Polymer app section” you can access a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to create a basic polymer app. Once you’re done, you can start a project of your own by installing some more components.


PubNub Polymer Chat App with Material Design

Pubnub’s fantastic tutorial will guide you through creating a visually appealing chat application. This is a great project to begin with if you’re aiming to learn the various functionalities of Polymer library. It may sound like a truckload of work, but you’ll be surprised to see how quickly and easily Polymer allows developers to create a simple chat app.


Joe Maddalone Polymer Tutorials – Youtube

Video tutorials by Joe Maddalone cover a range of important topics on the Polymer framework. A total of 7 videos that include Polymer 101, extend HTML elements, styling customer elements, filters, template repeat, core-ajax, changed watchers and observe blocks.


Ornge X Polymer Tutorials – Youtube

Ornge was serious when it decided to create a Polymer Tutorials Playlist. So far, there are 63 video tutorials covering all kinds of techniques using Polymer. The latest video tutorial was uploaded July 19, 2015, so the videos are noticeably fresh enough.


Samuel Polymer Lessons – Youtube

With over 100 subscribers and 9,497 views, Samuel’s playlist on Polymer lessons is still anew. For this reason he has only 3 videos which are all very recent, but helpful. He starts out with the Polymer Starter Kit and then moves on to creating a first element and experimenting with neon elements. A subscription should keep you updated with more recent videos.


Introduction to Web Components and Polymer

Like the name suggests, this is a very detailed account on an introduction to Polymer. Pankaj Parashar, contributor on Sitepoint, ensures that the new web development technique is understood thoroughly before anyone moves on to advanced levels on the subject. The author also discusses why Polymer/Web Components are so important to address the issue of “semantic madness”. If you want to master the basics of Web Components and Polymer, then this the tutorial you should start with.


The Future of Web Application Development

Alejandro Hernandez aims to answer several questions currently in the mind of many in the app development community: Is Polymer ready for prime time? Is it possible to create Polymer-based applications? Hernandez finds the answers to these questions by taking Polymer “out for a test drive” and figure out if it works the way it should. Based on his experience and knowledge of the code, Alejandro covers the concept, the architecture, app development, pros, and cons of the framework.


Using Polymer to Create Web Components

Rey Bango of Tutsplus (one of the best stops for lengthy lists of tutorials) talks about how to use Polymer for web components. The tutorial covers details on what Polymer is, how to make a new element, how to use that element, and add more functionality to it.


Google Polymer Advanced: Create a Custom Element

The tutorial is a walk-through on how to make complex custom elements using Google Polymer. With several videos along with lengthy descriptions, the tutorial is pretty thorough on advanced concepts of Polymer custom elements, core elements, paper elements, and a little bit about css3 transitions.



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