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Writing feedback to colleague. Useful phrases, links.

Now working in this big 1000+ employee company, so we are required to write feedbacks to each other every half of year. Here is my collection of links to useful phrases where you can pick up on some nice smart words, so this “Bill is cool” can become something like “Bill establishes effective working relationships”.

Here it goes:
3) 240+ Performance Evaluation Phrases – Sample Performance Review Statements
4) 94 Example Performance Review Phrases and Comments for Skills and Competencies

Gonna put some of them beneath, just in case these sites will go down in future.

READ MORE if you are not scared of A LOT OF TEXT  


WORK PRODUCT – The quality and quantity of work produced by the employee.


  • Has made frequent errors that are harmful to business operations.
  • The supervisor/department head has received numerous complaints about the quality of work.
  • The quality of work produced is unacceptable.
  • Does not complete required paperwork.

Needs Improvement:

  • Is not as careful in checking work product for errors as he/she could be.
  • Tends to miss small errors in work product.
  • Required paperwork is completed late or is only partially complete.

Meets Requirements:

  • Does not require constant supervision.
  • Error rate is acceptable, and all work is completed timely.
  • Forms and required paperwork are completed on time with minimal errors.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Managers and co-workers have commented on high levels of accuracy and work productivity.
  • Takes pride in work and strives to improve work performance.
  • All memos, reports, forms and correspondence are completed on time with no errors.


  • Has less than a 1% error rate on work product.
  • Accuracy is excellent.
  • Quantity of work produced is outstanding.

DEPENDABILITY – Being where he/she should be doing what he/she is supposed to do.


  • Often calls in to work without prior approval, resulting in excessive unscheduled absences.
  • Leaves the work area unattended to run personal errands.
  • Is frequently late to work
  • Frequently leaves work early.

Needs Improvement:

  • Occasionally calls in to work without prior approval, resulting in unscheduled absences.
  • Occasionally arrives late to work.
  • Sometimes does not make sure all work is completed before leaving for the day.
  • Occasionally leaves work early.

Meets Requirements:

  • Consistently arrives to work on time.
  • Makes sure work area is covered at all times.
  • Has had no unscheduled absences, except for documented emergencies.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Has a good attendance record.
  • Can always be counted on to work overtime when necessary without complaint.


  • Always at work and on time.
  • Never misses work without prior approval and appropriate notification.
  • Has had no unscheduled absences during the rating period.

COOPERATIVENESS – Working with people.


  • Projects an attitude of superiority that turns off other employees.
  • Not cooperative and frequently criticizes others.
  • Displays excessive negativity when working with others.

Needs Improvement:

  • Displays occasional negativity when working with others.
  • Rarely offers to assist others in the office.
  • Makes negative comments that affect working relationships with others.

Meets Requirements:

  • Is usually able to answer customer questions.
  • Maintains good working relationships with coworkers.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Demonstrates “team player” behavior views individual success as imperative to group success.
  • Direct, straightforward, honest and polite.


  • Always cordial and willing to help coworkers, students, and clients.
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior.

ADAPTABILITY – Adjusting to change.


  • Usually needs direct supervision, even for mundane and everyday tasks.
  • Is not able to think independently or to deal with unexpected occurrences.

Needs Improvement:

  • Gets flustered in unusual situations.
  • Does not always make the best decisions to fit the situation.

Meets Requirements:

  • Usually adjusts well to changes in the work place.
  • Maintains good customer service relations, even under stress.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Looks for ways to streamline procedures to improve efficiency and customer service.
  • Sets priorities and adjusts them as needed when unexpected situations arise.


  • Adapted to new systems and processes well and seeks out training to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Always seems to know when to ask questions and when to seek guidance.

COMMUNICATION – Giving and receiving information.


  • Reports, forms, memos and correspondence are often completed late or not at all.
  • Uses a condescending tone when talking to others in the office.

Needs Improvement:

  • The supervisor/department head has received a few complaints about contradictory or bad information being given out by the employee.
  • Phone messages are often unclear or incomplete.

Meets Requirements:

  • Takes messages, writes correspondence, deals with customers and coworkers with sufficient attention to detail.
  • Reports are accurate and well written using proper grammar and punctuation.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Students and coworkers feel comfortable coming to this employee with questions and comments.
  • Comes to supervisor/department head with any questions that employee does not know off-hand


  • Always asks questions and seeks guidance when not sure of what to do.
  • Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills.



  • Frequently comes to the wrong conclusions and assumes things.
  • Did not make sure that all subordinates were productive at all times, which is a daily requirement of this job.

Needs Improvement:

  • Needs to develop analytical skills necessary to weigh options and choose the best way to deal with situations.
  • Spends too much time focusing on less important aspects of daily job.

Meets Requirements:

  • Often offers workable solutions to problems.
  • Uses good judgment in solving problems and working with others.
  • Uses PPR ratings in making decisions related to new hires, promotions and merit increases.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Can zero in on the cause of problems and offer creative solutions.
  • Displays strong analytical skills.


  • Always offers ideas to solve problems based on good information and sound judgment.
  • Displays initiative and enthusiasm during everyday work.
  • Conducts research or seeks counsel of experts to gather information needed in making actual decisions.



  • Frequently rude and impolite.
  • Demonstrates poor customer relations skills.
  • Frequently carries on personal conversations in person or on the phone while clients and customers wait.

Needs Improvement:

  • Gets annoyed with clients who ask too many questions.
  • Frequently forgets to follow through on customer requests.

Meets Requirements:

  • Usually maintains a competent and professional demeanor in dealing with clients and the public.
  • Courteous and knowledgeable.
  • Tries to be helpful.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Answers all questions promptly and accurately.
  • Forwards any complaints or problems to supervisor immediately.


  • Always follows through and finds the answers to any questions and reports back to the customer promptly.
  • Employee has received numerous letters of commendation for excellent customer service.



  • Has destroyed equipment through misuse during this rating period.
  • Wastes supplies.
  • Deleted required software in error.
  • Never services equipment.

Needs Improvement:

  • Doesn’t heed warning messages on equipment.
  • Sometimes forgets to turn equipment off at the end of the day.
  • Doesn’t always get equipment serviced as recommended by the manufacturer.

Meets Requirements:

  • Takes good care of equipment and uses supplies efficiently.
  • Turns off and secures all equipment at the end of the shift.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Quickly learns new software programs.
  • Uses queries and reports to maximize efficiency in the office and find errors.


  • Is able to troubleshoot and solves all work related problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Reports problems immediately if to the appropriate personnel.



  • Work projects have suffered from lack of follow-through.
  • Important documentation for projects has been lost or destroyed erroneously.
  • Does not plan ahead to meet work deadlines.

Needs Improvement:

  • Does not keep supervisor informed of potential problems as they arise.
  • Project plans are poorly designed.
  • Project plans are not carried out as assigned or on time.

Meets Requirements:

  • Prepares project plans on time and in sufficient detail.
  • End of year statements are complete and accurate.
  • Maintains and monitors progress of project plan in order to stay on target.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Gets the most out of scarce resources.
  • Projects normally are within budget and are well planned.


  • Anticipates problems before they occur.
  • Provides meaningful information to decision makers that helps in the preparation and implementation of projects.
  • Plans projects and carries them out so that projects are completed ahead of schedule and under budget.



  • Dictates to others rather than involving them in the decision making.
  • Has reduced subordinates to tears.
  • Yells and screams at subordinates.

Needs Improvement:

  • Assumes others should know what to do and how to do it with little or no training.
  • Frequently becomes impatient when things aren’t done their way.

Meets Requirements:

  • Draws on the knowledge and skills of others.
  • Available when needed and has an open door policy for subordinates.
  • Assigns work fairly and resolves disputes and grievances of subordinates fairly.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Very supportive of coworkers and subordinates attempts at improvement.
  • Sets an example for subordinates in following departmental and university policy and procedures.


  • Outstanding ability to explain and teach.
  • Inspires others to do better.



  • Had one unrated Performance Planning and Review rating in this rating year.
  • Did not conduct timely planning sessions on all subordinates.

Needs Improvement:

  • Although planning sessions were completed, they were not completed within Civil Service mandated timelines.
  • Did not meet personally with the employee to go over appraisals.

Meets Requirements:

  • All PPR’s were completed by the anniversary dates of all subordinates.
  • Works with employees in setting mutual goals.
  • Makes an effort to counsel employees and document performance (both positive and negative) throughout the year.
  • Maintains a supervisor file that contains documentation of performance on each subordinate throughout the year.
  • Has had no unrated PPR’s or untimely planning sessions in this rating year. Always completes PPR’s well within the 60 day deadline date.

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Is proactive in performance evaluations.
  • Has an open door policy for all subordinates.


  • Encourages employees to improve knowledge, abilities and skills.
  • Maintains detailed written performance documentation that needs no explanation.



1. Achieves optimal levels of performance and accomplishment with / for …

2. Provides strong evidence of [specific accomplishment]

3. Excels at developing programs / strategies that have delivered X results

4. Improved production by X% through [specific task]

5. Exceeded the original goal of X by X% through [specific task]


6. Continuously examines administrative effectiveness and seeks better procedures such as [tasks]

7. Develops successful administrative strategies such as [task] that led to [results]

8. Establishes effective systems for information retrieval through [task]

9. Improves administrative support systems through [task]

10. Keeps documents organized via [task] to avoid duplicate information


11. Shows a sincere interest in employees and the solutions to their problems

12. Lends support and guidance to employees by [task]

13. Uses sound coaching techniques to solve disciplinary problems

14. Provides continuous coaching

15. Is highly respected by employees for sharing concerns, problems, and opportunities

Communication Skills

16. Effectively communicates expectations

17. Excels in facilitating group discussions

18. Keeps meetings action oriented by [task]

19. Effectively communicates upward, downward, and laterally

20. Enforces company policies and values without creating negative reactions


21. Encourages collaboration with the team

22. Shares ideas and techniques

23. Builds strong relationships with others by [task]

24. Displays a harmonious and cooperative spirit by [task]

25. Gladly shares expertise


26. Seeks creative alternatives such as [examples] that drove [results]

27. Clever and imaginative when confronted with obstacles

28. Is continuously experimenting to drive [results]

29. Initiates and executes creative ideas such as [example]

30. Seeks new ideas and approaches


31. Empowers employees with the authority and resources to achieve X results

32. Helps employees gain visibility through [task]

33. Encourages employees to solve their own problems

34. Delegates to match personal strengths

35. Delegates with clearly defined responsibility and authority


36. Develops continuous improvement methods

37. Develops totally new strategies

38. Continues to grow and improve

39. Devises improved means of accomplishing results

40. Is continuously planning for improvement


41. Develops innovative strategies such as [example] …

42. Is very innovative under adverse conditions

43. Seeks innovative solutions

44. Fosters a curiosity for innovative possibilities

45. Promotes innovation by [example]

Interpersonal Skills

46. Recognizes the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand

47. Establishes effective working relationships

48. Generates synergy

49. Builds on mutual dependence and understanding

50. Promotes the company culture among peers

Learning Ability

51. Displays an ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly to changing situations

52. Shares learning experience with peers

53. Promotes a learning culture

54. Committed to continuously learning through [example]

55. Responds quickly to new instructions, situations, methods, and procedures

Management Ability

56. Provides team with support through [example]

57. Collaborates with individual team members to establish a development path

58. Holds employees accountable for their own results

59. Provides team with the resources needed to attain restults

60. Provides support during periods of organizational change


61. Develops workable action plans

62. Creates flexible plans to meet changing opportunities

63. Effectively puts plans into action

64. Excels in developing strategic alternatives

65. Effectively formulates strategies, tactics, and action plans to drive X results


66. Is capable of distinguished performance in a higher-level position

67. Has reached the level for promotional consideration

68. Is capable of handling bigger projects and assignments

69. Is making a strong effort to acquire greater experience and skills to increase potential for advancement

70. Is enhancing growth potential through additional education and training

Problem Solving

71. Displays a practical approach to solving problems

72. Develops creative solutions

73. Turns problems into opportunities

74. Effectively solves problems rather than symptoms

75. Is skilled in proposing optional solutions


76. Exceeds normal output standards

77. Continuously produces more than expected

78. Is an important contributor to the successes of the department

79. Makes a substantial contribution to the continued operation and growth of the organization

80. Consistently exceeds performance goals

Project Management

81. Completed X project with X results

82. Sets realistic timetables to keep projects on target

83. Is transparent with a project’s progress

84. Makes effective use of all available resources when given a project

85. Clearly establishes project goals and objectives

Supervisory Skills

86. Gives consistent recognition to employees

87. Maintains a work situation which stimulates the growth of individual employees

88. Makes certain that employees have a clear understanding of their responsibilities

89. Is readily available for support to employees

90. Recognizes and deals with signs of employee burnout

Time Management

91. Consistently meets all deadlines

92. Prepares meeting agendas that are concise and time saving

93. Keeps meetings on schedule

94. Respects the time of others

95. Makes effective use of discretionary time


96. Excels in living the organiational values

97. Promotes strong support of company’s mission and vision

98. Is able to turn visions into actual action plans

99. Demonstrates an ability to transfer vision into execution

100. Excels in contributing to the company’s goals

Again, these phrases mean nothing unless you attach specific examples and data to them. To ensure a performance review is truly effective, remember to evaluate on data rather than assumption.


Attendance and Punctuality Positive Performance Review Phrases

Kelly is very prompt at the start of each work day.

Bill manages his staff to a great attendance score. His staff is frequently among the top performers in the company for on-time arrivals.

Lenny demonstrates the secret to success is not who works the longest, but who works the smartest. With this said, Lenny is also one of our top employees for attendance and reliability.

Lyle manages a tough schedule with his staff, yet always maintain adequate staffing levels.

Paul is a reliable performer and maintains a good schedule.

We have had no issues with Timothy’s schedule – he has good attendance and does not deviate from the standard attendance policy.

Bill always ensures his employees adhere to their lunch schedules and breaks.

Kevin meets all company standards for attendance and punctuality.

Julia begins each day refreshed and ready for any challenges she will face.

Greg’s attention to punctuality has paid off this year, he consistently arrives on time.

Jim starts meetings and ends them on time.

Jason schedules his time off well in advance.

Attendance and Punctuality Negative Performance Review Phrases

Timothy works the appropriate schedule, but his “off-site breaks” affects co-workers as he is frequently late returning from break.

Holly is a very good with punctuality, but her staff is not. She needs to better manage the team to company-required schedules.

Frankly, Peter has a ghastly view of on-time attendance. I do not remember a day when he has shown up on time, ready to work.

Bill’s shoddy attendance record must improve in the next 90 days or he will be terminated under the company’s attendance policy.

Ben is such a quality worker, but unfortunately his punctuality is abysmal. This one area is dragging down Ben’s review and must be improved.

Jennifer often runs behind schedule throughout a typical work day causing meetings to start late which affects others’ schedules. She needs to get her schedule in order to help her coworkers.

Ryan is often tardy for work and despite repeated warnings, does not respect the attendance policy.

For most of the year, Jim has had excellent attendance. Over the last several months, he is frequently absent or late for work. Jim should improve his reliability.

For the most part, Paul has been good with his schedule. However, during the summer months, Paul frequently leaves early or takes a half day of unscheduled time off on Friday. This provides a bad impression for his coworkers and employees.

Attitude Positive Performance Evaluation Phrases

Bill is quick to congratulate coworkers and builds an atmosphere of trust with his team.

Ken’s attitude is an asset to his management skills. He continually builds people up, deals with difficult situations with incredible posture, and focuses on the positives.

With the incredible pressure we have been feeling as a company, it would be easy for Tim to get down, but he stands firm that the situation won’t affect his attitude. Tim has a mind-set that few people do and we appreciate that about him.

Penny’s internal bearing is always right on with a focus on the right attitude.

Bill has a cheerful attitude which makes others feel good when he’s around.

Julia accentuates the positive in most situations.

One of the difficult things a new manager must learn is how to emphasize the right things and downplay the other things. Brenda keeps a steady, positive attitude that helps her employees know everything is ok – even when it seemingly isn’t ok!

Holly has one of those attitudes that is always positive. She frequently has a smile on her face and you can tell she enjoys her job.

Greg is a cheerful guy who always makes you feel delighted when you’re around him. We are fortunate to have Greg on our team.

Thom has an even demeanor through good times and bad. His constant cheer helps others keep their “enthusiasm” – both positive and negative – in check.

Angela has a soothing personality which reflects in a very calm personality. Her attitude is one which should be emulated.

Bob brings a level of enthusiasm to his job that few can. He is always one of the guys on the team we go to when we need a lift.

Attitude Negative Performance Evaluation Phrases

Ken is normally a very affable guy, but under times of pressure, he succumbs to it and needs to work on his choice of language and volume level of his voice.

When the pressure is on and there is a choice to blink or not, Jack too frequently blinks.

Mary is a good manager, but her mood changes too often for people to keep track of.

Jennifer is an asset in many ways, but her attitude needs to be kept in check.

Bill has a dreadful outlook at times which has a tendency to bring down the entire team.

For the most part, Lenny is a personable guy, but when he gets upset, his attitude turns to shocking. Lenny needs to balance his personality out and not react so much to negative events.

Bill has a tendency to instigate problems between his coworkers.

Tom knows that certain conversations provoke members of his team, yet he continues to be vocal about non-work related topics. Tom should keep his conversations work related.

Angela has a tendency to erupt over minor things. This causes unease with her coworkers who do not want to set her off.

Terry is quick to show his discontent with work; he should stop to think about how his display affects those around him.

Lindsay is a good person, but any constructive criticism devastates her. We cannot walk on egg shells around her if we want the team to get better.

Simply put: Jim’s negative attitude negatively affects his work performance. Jim needs to bring his attitude under control.

Communication Positive Performance Review Phrases

Polly is effective in the written and verbal word.

Jack’s years of experience communicating is evident in his wonderful communication skills.

Wendy has the valuable skill of communicating difficult concepts in easy to understand language.

Peter is quite good at communicating difficult messages with employees, management, and customers.

As an employee, Ted was good at communication, as a manager, Ted has proved an even more effective communicator. His communication skills have improved tremendously this year.

Kyle is an adept communicator and is one of the best business writers I have had the pleasure of working with. Kyle communicates very well through his reports and white papers.

Cameron is very good at written communication, however his verbal communication skills can be improved. Cameron should work on being an active listener.

Barry reports necessary information to his coworkers.

Allison is excellent at keeping written information about her assignments and projects.

One of Jim’s strengths is his use of candor and effective communication with his employees.

One of Jane’s core strengths is her ability to immediately connect with someone.

Brenda is very competent communicator.

Communication Negative Performance Evaluation Phrases

George’s position requires him to have sufficient technical skills, however, he does not speak up during technical meetings to discuss potential solutions.

Over the past year, Terry has not performed very well in creating an honest and open environment for the employees he supervises.

Jenny must improve her foreign language skills to stay competitive in this industry.

Greg is not adept at documenting verbal communication. Over the next 90 days, Greg should work on this skill.

One of Todd’s roles is to find consensus among his team members, but he has frequently failed to accomplish this task.

Fred does not communicate effectively and clearly.

Tricia holds too many meetings; fewer would be more effective.

Brian should communicate project status updates more frequently.

Tom lacks credibility in his messages. His co-workers do not believe he is honest.

Justine does not convey a positive image of the company to customers.

Peter has proved to be an ineffective communicator.

Jim does not effectively communicate – both written and verbal communication must be improved.

Cooperation Positive Performance Evaluation Phrases

Frank promotes a team-centered environment.

Jenny is a proven team player.

William is an asset because he can effectively work with other teams and departments.

Julia is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done – even perform tasks or jobs that are not her own.

Isabella coordinates individual workers together to meet deadlines and work effectively as a team.

Greg encourages people to work together towards a common goal.

Ben gives of himself to make sure the job is well done.

Jill offers assistance willingly.

Greg makes a positive contribution to morale.

Peter accepts constructive criticism positively.

Yolanda shows sensitivity and consideration to other people’s feelings.

Fred creates a positive and inclusive work environment.

Cooperation Negative Performance Review Phrases

Fred doesn’t view his workplace as a “team” environment and too frequently wants to “go it alone” on projects.

Jim does not encourage a team-centered work environment.

Ben fails to commit his team to cooperating with organizational goals.

Harry demonstrates a desire to avoid working with others.

Kyle refuses to share crucial information with co-workers for fear he will be marginalized.

Manny is very good at individual tasks, but he falls short in cooperating on group projects and in partnership with staff members.

John takes on new tasks with ease, but when it comes time to communicate with other team members and train them on these tasks, John does not perform very well.

Janet consistently fails to be an effective team member. She needs to improve over the next several months in her teamwork skills.

Jennifer is too cautious – she is afraid of confrontation so she does not step out to assist when it’s necessary.

George gets upset when co-workers do not help him, yet he does not offer assistance to others.

Greg is far too focused on finding new ways to accomplish things rather than cooperate with others in a process which is already well tested and defined.

Instead of making do with what she has, Holly tends to complain about a lack of resources and personnel.

Creativity and Innovation Positive Performance Review Phrases

Yolanda constantly searches for new ideas and ways to improve efficiency.

Walter creates an exciting atmosphere for his team: one in which new ideas are rewarded and encouraged.

Peter doesn’t accept “we’ve always done it this way” as a solution; instead, he constantly reviews solutions to see if they are the most effective way of doing things.

Harry encourages his teammates to think outside of the box and to be more creative with solutions.

In meetings, Paul is very good at extracting unique ideas out of people – some you might not consider as very creative people.

Fred is a very creative innovator. Specifically, he solved an on-going problem by looking for a solution from all angles.

When we’re in crisis mode, we know we can turn to Jenny to craft a viable and inventive solution.

Emily has a creative personality which allows her to suggest original ideas. She should continue to adapt this to her position in the company.

Tom is an innovator at heart – his skill at inspiring new ideas is an asset to our team.

Jim has an imaginative personality and is very resourceful in times of need.

Sally has a creative touch in a sometimes monotonous role within our team – the way she adds inspiration to the day to day tasks she performs is admirable.

Bill adds an artistic flair to everything he produces which makes his projects much more fun than most.

Creativity and Innovation Negative Performance Evaluation Phrases

Rachel discourages creative solutions from her team.

Kevin has a difficult time thinking “outside of the box” and creating new and untested solutions.

Jim is a creative guy but he has a tendency to act before thinking. This causes problems when an untested or unexamined idea is moved forward too quickly.

There is a place and time for realism, yet Wendy consistently strikes a practical, hard-nosed look at things without thinking how she could creatively solve a problem.

Frank has shown a tendency to be a matter-of-fact manager, but in his position, thinking in a more resourceful manner would do him well.

Whenever Bob runs into an obstacle, he has a tendency to stop and ask for help. We encourage him to develop solutions – or even recommendations – before constantly asking for help.

Terry does not research solutions deeply enough and often just compiles ideas found on Web sites. This does not help for many of the problems we run into.

Henry rarely innovates and when he does, it seems forced.

Trent fails to generate new ideas.

Jennifer seems unwilling to consider new or intriguing ideas, even when the team runs out of your run-of-the-mill ideas.

Holly needs to work on being more resourceful on tasks and projects.

Tim isn’t willing to take risks on creative ideas.

Customer Satisfaction Positive Performance Evaluation Phrases

Wendy handles customer service situations well and is rated well by her peers, managers, and customers.

Nancy is one of our most proficient customer service trainers and demonstrates this when she’s working in customer care.

Thomas understands how to listen to customers and extract those details which make a big difference when dealing with our clients.

Tom is adept at having happy customers and successfully upselling them at the same time.

Teri deals with customer complaints with a calm demeanor. Teri is very good at handling difficult situations with customers.

Paul works with customers very well. He is very good at dealing with irate customers in a calm and rational manner.

Bill takes great pride in his work.

Phil skillfully overcomes client objections.

Jim has consistently high marks on his customer satisfaction surveys.

Paula understands the latitude to ensure customer satisfaction and does everything necessary to retain customers.

Lenny is able to handle his clients well and does not have any complaints against him.

Customer Satisfaction Negative Performance Review Phrases

Frank does not understand how to deal with a difficult customer and too frequently passes the customer on to his supervisor.

John’s average time per call is too high and needs to be reduced this year. He needs to learn how to handle customers in a more efficient manner.

Ryan is very good at dealing with customers on the phone, but when they come in the store, he doesn’t handle one on one contact very well.

In most areas of customer service Harry does a good job, but when it comes to difficult situations, Harry does not understand how to calm the customer down and follow the script.

Jenny does not understand how to overcome client objections and instead gives up to early.

Bill has consistently shown he does not listen to his customers well.

Greg has not fully understood why customer service training is important and frequently is late to class and does not participate.

Bill follows the phone scripting in a rigid and inflexible way. In today’s market, we need some creativity and flexibility in dealing with customers, yet Bill does not seem to understand that.

Teri can handle the run of the mill customer service situation, but the more complex issues seem to cause her to freeze and not react.

John fails to follow up with customers as requested.

Bob has consistently low marks on his customer satisfaction surveys.

Dependability Positive Performance Review Phrases

Kyle is one of our hardest workers and demonstrates to us that he cares about his job, his coworkers, and the company.

Jennifer consistently impresses us with her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Jim is a very reliable employee.

We depend on Greg to turn in good performance each day and he never fails to impress.

Ben faithfully commits to get the job done and consistently performs at or above expectations.

When we think of “steadfast,” April comes to mind. She is a loyal and trustworthy employee.

When we have a situation that must get done, we turn to Harry. Harry has our trust because he’s proven to us he can get the job done.

George is known for his dependability and willingness to do what it takes.

Jennifer is willing to get her hands dirty with her employees to ensure the job gets completed on time.

We know that if overtime is required, Walter is willing to work until the project is finished.

There are many times we have tasks that absolutely must be completed by a given time. In these circumstances, we know we can turn to Peter to get the task accomplished on time.

Dependability Negative Performance Evaluation Phrases

Bob is a very loyal guy, but not a very dependable one. “Flaky” is probably the closest word that comes to mind when thinking of Bob.

Holly is usually very steady in her work, but there have been several instances where she has been unreliable.

Unfortunately, Ryan does not ever put in overtime even if the job requires it. He is unwilling to work beyond his normally scheduled 40 hours.

In this economy, we need people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Julia is not one of those people.

Peter’s reliability is questionable. Too often, his work results are inconsistent and need to be checked too frequently.

While most of his coworkers are willing to work late to get the project finished, Kyle seems content with leaving the work for others to do.

Kenny does not demonstrate a concern for what we think of him and whether or not we believe he is up to the job.

Lenny is not a dependable employee. If we know a task must be completed, we usually pass him over and find someone else to do the task.

Ida does not produce as consistent results as her coworkers do.

Peter is not reliable for his effort and does not demonstrate a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job accomplished.

Even if we are behind on production, Holly does not show a willingness to help her employees out. Once promoted to supervisor, she has taken a hands off approach to the detriment of her team.

Interpersonal Skills Positive Performance Evaluation Phrases

Sally has a knack for making people feel important when she speaks with them. This translates into great opportunities for teamwork and connections to form.

Jack makes people feel at home with him. His natural ability to work with people is a great asset to our team.

Bill handles himself and the relationships with his coworkers very well.

Kevin can quickly build a positive relationship with people and understands how to relate with them.

Holly is able to create a sustain a positive, professional relationship with her coworkers, direct reports, and management team.

Tim is a positive influence to those around him and inspires them to work harder.

Bill has a nice understanding of how to relate to people and make them comfortable.

Greg seemingly can strike up a conversation with anybody. He has a gift in relating to people around him.

Harry can find a point of connection with just about anyone.

Pete is a nice and affable guy who works well with others.

Ben has a natural rapport with people and does very well at communicating with others.

Jane seems to find it easy to connect with others and relate well with them.

Interpersonal Skills Negative Performance Review Phrases

John is an affable fellow, yet his strong personality turns off people around him.

George does not work well with others.

Peter has a very strong personality and this has caused a rift on our team.

John has an excellent impression among the management team, yet his fellow team members cannot stand working with him.

Tim does not understand the different between “friend” and “coworker” and only wants to focus any energy on friendships and not building good working relationships.

Fred should continue to work on cultivating good relationships with those around him.

Ken works well with members of his own team, yet he has an “us” against “them” mentality when it comes to others within the company.

Many of Harry’s coworkers see him as unapproachable.

Frank gives off an impression of superiority to those around him.

Julie is brisk with her directions and crude with her feedback.

Tyler does not appreciate how happy team members can affect his own job performance and continually upsets those around him.

Ryan has left a wake of bad relationships in his career path.

Paula seems to shrink when she’s around others and does not cultivate good relations with her co-workers.

Managerial Style Positive Performance Review Phrases

Bob is very professional with him employees and manages them well.

Fred has a difficult situation with the team he manages, yet he has turned them around in excellent fashion.

Paul’s team performs well and all speak highly of him.

Tim is a high performer and leads a team of high performers. His leadership has contributed to very high productivity from this department.

If John were a coach, he would be considered a “player’s coach.” He understands his team and how to motivate them to high performance.

Walter manages his team well and receives good performance from them.

Peter is an effective manager and understands how to supervise his employees to meet expectations.

Though Mandy had a rough start, she ended the year well with her team turning in the best performance of all the groups.

Greg is in a difficult situation: he inherited a team that frankly was a mess. In short order, he turned the team around to one of our best performers.

Terry has received good feedback from his team and his managers.

Thomas is very adept at managing difficult employees and turning their energies towards higher performance.

Managerial Style Negative Performance Evaluation Phrases

Bill does not cope very well with managing employees. His employees consistently complain of unreasonable expectations and we tend to agree. Bill needs to improve his acceptance of a reasonable work-personal life balance.

Kyle is an adequate supervisor, but does not excel in this area. He does not always relate well with his employees and this shows in the group’s work effort.

Bryan has not made the transition from co-worker to manager very well. He has a difficult time separating his personal relationships with professional ones.

Paul does not understand how to set team goals and manage his team to achieve them. He seems to always be in “survival mode” without focusing on the goals necessary to move his team forward.

Harry understands how to manage personalities similar to his, but has not worked very hard managing other types of personalities on his team. He is coping with being a manage, but survival isn’t the goal: excellence is. Harry needs to better understand personality types and how they interrelate.

Tom is a decent task manager, but falls short when it comes to setting a vision.

We’ve experienced a few issues with Bill in a leadership position with the team that must be resolved. These issues could be detrimental to the performance of the department and should be the focus of the next few months.

Harry understands how to handle difficult employees and manage a high maintenance staff, yet we continue to have above average turnover on his team. This year, we need to focus on what issues are causing such high turnover.

Holly is not very effective at managing her staff to high performance.

Jim is a good supervisor, but has failed at managing his staff to high productivity.

Paul does not understand the intricacies of managing a high performance team and has yet to perform.

Julie was a great individual performer but so far has not proven she is a good manager.

Bill has a tendency to play favorites and not treat all employees fairly.

Teamwork Skills Positive Performance Evaluation Phrases

Harry manages his relationships with his coworkers, managers, and employees in a professional manner.

Paul works well with others.

Peter is the consummate team player.

Tom contributes to the success of the team on a regular basis.

We’ve always been impressed with Jack’s ability to work well with others, but this year, he has really shined in this area. Jack’s one of those team members you would love to have on your team.

Whenever a large project comes in, Tom is always one of the first to volunteer to help to get the job done.

It’s nice to see how Holly isn’t concerned about herself and continually contributes to the success of those around her.

Jenny always helps out to achieve the goals of the group.

Mary is a team player and understands how to help others in times of need.

Our company is composed of many teams and Bill’s ability to work with and understand the team dynamics has been beneficial to the firm.

Ben isn’t concerned about who gets the credit, just that the task gets accomplished.

Bill has a great willingness to help his fellow teammates.

Teamwork Skills Negative Performance Review Phrases

Ryan holds on to too much and does not delegate to his team effectively.

Bryan focuses on getting his own work accomplished, but does not take the time to help those members of his team who are struggling to keep up.

Walter is inconsistent in supporting his teammates.

Peter was very good at teamwork when he was just a member of the team, now that he is in a supervisory role, Peter has lost much of those teamwork skills.

Paul relies on his own knowledge and abilities without asking others for help and their expertise.

Manny is a team player most of the time, but frequently we have problems with his follow through when other teammates need help.

Brian is inner focused and does not think about the needs of those around him.

Fred seems more intent on accomplishing his tasks rather than assisting others who might need help.

Andrea comes from a very individual focused work environment to a team focused one and has struggled to adjust.

Esther focuses her team on accomplishing individual tasks without thinking about what could be accomplished if the team worked more cohesively together.

Lyle works with the team well when his own projects are coming due and he needs help, but once those are accomplished, he does not frequently help others on their projects.

Ollie does not understand how to share tasks with others.

Technical Skills Positive Performance Review Phrases

Jim is one of the most technical employees we have.

Ben is able to grasp complex technical concepts and explain them in easy to understand ways.

When we need to implement new technology, we turn to Bill first.

In the fast paced world of technology, things always seem to change so rapidly. With some of our systems being old, we rely on Ted’s expertise in the previous generation systems.

Walter is good at understanding the technical nature of his job.

Paul is excellent at absorbing the complexities of his job.

Ida deals with very complex topics and discussions, yet always seems to bring it to a level of understanding the rest of us can relate to.

Whenever we have a very technical problem, Holly is one of the first people we turn to. Her ability to grasp technology is an asset to our team.

Harry is an accomplished technician who understands our systems and processes.

There are a lot of intricacies to Bob’s job, yet he makes it all seem so simple.

As we implement new technology, Ryan is one of the first to pick it up and understand it.

Technical Skills Negative Performance Evaluation Phrases

Ryan is not very adept at understanding new technology.

Though our systems have been in place for many years and are well documented, Bob does not have the aptitude to understand the technical nuances they present.

Fred’s understanding of business is very good, however, his ability to communicate with the technical members of his team is holding him back.

Peter needs to continue to improve his technical knowledge through training and self study.

Bill needs to improve his technical understanding of his job.

Jennifer is not a technician, yet some basic technical knowledge is required of her role. Jennifer needs to work on her technical knowledge.

Rote memorization of technical manuals is not the same as technical mastery. Bill needs to work on being able to think outside of the box, beyond the manuals, and troubleshoot technical issues which are not documented.

Paul is not technical enough for his role.

Terry surprised us by not being more technical in nature considering his background.

Technical concepts sometime seem to pass right by Walter. Walter should learn the technical concepts required for his position.
In such a fast changing world, keeping up with the latest technology can sometimes be difficult. However, in his role, Tom needs to focus more on understanding the trends and changes in the marketplace.



Above Average

Her innovative ideas delivered solutions for numerous customer problems.

Mark is the subject matter expert on billing issues.

Excels in a fast-paced environment.

During this rating period he has continued to perform his duties in an outstanding manner.

She conveys ideas persuasively in a concise, organized, and professional manner.

Matt maintains a meticulous work area.

Matt maintains a meticulous desk area.

He has the ability to handle any and all tasks set before him.

Conducted audits of the department’s billing system locating numerous errors.

Frequently exceeds the position expectations

Mark consistently exceeds the position expectations

Mark strives on tight deadlines.

Mary has brought favorable recognition to the company through her charitable work.

Mark has brought favorable recognition to the company through his positive community involvement.

Through her charitable work she has brought favorable recognition to the company.

She has proved to be an indispensable employee.

She has proved to be an indispensable member of the service team.

She consistently performs at a level that is superior to most of her contemporaries.

She was hand picked to participate in the sales presentation to a major national account.

As an operations coordinator she is highly efficient.

She displays high professional standards and competence.

Mary’s ability to perform under stress and to adapt to changes is outstanding.

Mary has played a significant role in the day-to-day operation of this office.

Mary has demonstrated an extremely high degree of professional proficiency.

She exemplifies the company’s values through her commitment to service and quality.

She far exceeds expectations.

His performance leaves little, if anything, to be desired and significantly exceeds standards.

Cost cutting has been his forte.

Mark distinguishes himself above his peers.

She always works to overcome any obstacle she encounters.

Mary is dynamic, flexible and adaptable to change.

Her efforts are a major contribution to this department’s success.

She takes on additional assignments without negatively affecting other work.

His performance exceeds the requirements of the position.


His job performance has shown steady improvement.

She shows continuous and measurable improvement.

He completes all his assignments on time with rare exception.

He is well organized

He follows instructions well.

Mark always follows instructions.

Shows interest and enthusiasm in his job.

Demonstrates sound and mature judgment.

She usually meets position expectations

Tom profits from lessons learned.

Fully and consistently meets position expectations

Supports the company’s equal opportunity programs.

Always displays a professional, businesslike appearance.

He contributed valuable input into the budget process.

Mark always presents a professional appearance.

Mary knows the organizations goals and helps to achieve them.

Schedules and uses his time wisely.

He is well respected by his colleagues.

He is well respected by his subordinates and colleagues alike.

Mary demonstrates a genuine pride in our company and products.

She demonstrates and conveys a favorable image of our organization.

Exhibits concern for the goals and productivity of this department.

Handles multiple responsibilities in an effective manner.

Mark knows when to stop and ask questions and when to proceed.

She demonstrates responsibility when performing her duties.

She meets duty expectations for her position.

He adapts to changing priorities and work demands.

He has been versatile in dealing successfully with constantly changing conditions.

He has been versatile in successfully dealing with manpower shortages.

Effectively multitasks.

Mark always safeguards company property like it was his own.

She demonstrates appropriate concern for her personal appearance.

Mary always remains positive regardless of the situation.

He is a well-rounded employee and an asset to this company.

Always uses good judgment and common sense.

He always manages his time and resources well.

Mark builds trust with his subordinates, colleagues and superiors alike.

She anticipates obstacles and defines alternative strategies.

Mary represents the company in an effective, professional manner.

Appearance and grooming are always in compliance with established standards.

Mark seeks to dress and groom appropriately for all business occasions.

Mary always keeps her supervisors fully informed of any potential problems thereby helping to avoid setbacks.

He can always be trusted to represent the company well.

Below Average

He has difficulty overcoming obstacles and getting results.

On numerous occasions he failed to complete assignments on time.

Tom allows minor obstacles to impede his progress.

Tony fails to complete assignments on time.

Improvement has been slow and unacceptable.

Counseled many times on substandard performance.

He failed to follow instructions on several occasions.

Robert frequently does not meet minimum position expectations

His appearance frequently lacks professionalism.

Organizational skills are lacking.

It is often difficult for Tony to locate information or documents when required.

He fails to demonstrate appropriate concern for his personal appearance.

Frequently violates established appearance standards – often must be reminded of the dress policy.

Tony’s appearance and grooming standards are frequently too lax or inappropriate.

Tony does not protect sensitive company information.

On occasion he has passed company information to customers putting our negotiating position at risk.

Represents the company poorly in most business interactions.

Jennifer adapts poorly to changing priorities and work demands.



Above Average

Through innovative management he accelerated the product modification project.

Through innovative management he accelerated the completion of the billing system upgrade project by three weeks.

Mary meticulously managed a $50,000 travel budget, reducing expenditures by $8,000.

She had two suggestions adopted by the company through the suggestion program.

Mary saved over 800 man-hours on three projects she implemented.

His abilities as a leader have been demonstrated repeatedly with a large increase in productivity in his department.

Mark’s abilities as a leader have been demonstrated repeatedly, evidenced by the large increase in sales in his office.

Mary takes ownership of her duties and produces outstanding results.

The successful results of this department would not have been possible without Mary’s contribution.

Always delivers a superior work product.

Mark’s ability to assimilate new and complex information resulted in a quick product launch in our market.

Mary developed a detailed call log to track re-occurring customer problems resulting in the implementation of company wide service solutions

Mary always achieves optimum results.


Mark suggested several improvements to the sales processes that enhanced our customer service.

He utilizes all available resources to achieve results.

Mark is results orientated.

He identifies and establishes priorities that are results orientated.

Demonstrates not only an aptitude for creativity but also achieves results with his contributions.

Results may be adequate, but rarely optimal.

Manages multiple assignments and completes them according to established schedules.

Tom always achieves positive results regardless of the austere conditions and long arduous hours.

Tom always achieves positive results regardless of the obstacles he is confronted with.

Mark is focused on producing results.

Mark’s hard work produces positive results.

He simplified the ordering process.

Below Average

At times his enthusiasm causes him to attempt to do too much resulting in incomplete tasks.

Larry delivers a work product that frequently requires re-work.

Results are usually sub-standard.

Regardless of how much effort Tom puts into his work the results are frequently inadequate.

Fails to finish tasks resulting in many projects partially complete awaiting further action.

Tom is more concerned with the process and not enough with end results.



Above Average

His planned objectives were achieved well above the established standards.

Her planned objectives were achieved well above the established standards and accomplishments were made in unexpected areas.

Achieved goals above the established standards.

All goals were met or exceeded in both quality and quantity of work.

All aspects of the goal have been achieved – performance exceeded expectations


Mary always achieves her goals.

Mary achieved all of her goals for this rating period.

She achieved all of her objectives for this year.

Mark achieved all of his established goals for this rating period.

Mary achieved all of her established objectives for this rating period.

Formulates realistic yet challenging personal goals and objectives.

Below Average

Many goals were not met and were lacking in both quality and quantity of work.

Little or no progress has been made toward completion of this goal.

Tony failed to achieve all of his established goals for this period.

Goals are rarely met and immediate improvement is needed.



Above Average

He is passionate about his work.

Mary’s positive attitude distinguishes her above her peers.

Mark is highly motivated with an enthusiastic can-do attitude

Mark tackles challenges with strong performance.

Her positive attitude motivates others.

Mark has adopted the attitude that the impossible is a challenge and the difficult is routine.


She accepts and utilizes constructive criticism.

Displays an approachable manner.

Receptive to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Demonstrates perseverance in achieving company goals.

Exhibits a positive attitude, image and personal motivation.

He is always eager to learn and takes the time to understand all facets of his work.

Demonstrates a positive attitude even during stressful situations.

She shares the company’s values.

Mary projects enthusiasm and commitment in all aspects of her job performance.

Mark demonstrates a significant commitment to the organizations’ mission.

She always has a very positive attitude in helping others and working toward company goals.

Her positive attitude is indicative of her professionalism.

Projects a very sincere and positive attitude toward his job.

Below Average

Larry frequently loses sight of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

She frequently complains about company policies.

Tony’s attitude is best described as an “”entitlement”” mentality.

Frequently demonstrates a poor attitude toward customers, employees and the company.

His attitude has a negative impact on others.

Tony’s negative attitude demoralizes others and adversely impacts the company.

Tony lacks enthusiasm for company initiatives.

Her negative attitude is indicative of her professionalism.



Above Average

Transformed a fledgling sales territory into a top producer.

Mark transformed a fledgling sales territory into a top producer.

Mark is skilled at dealing with high maintenance accounts.

Developed request for proposal (RFP) documentation that resulted in numerous winning proposals.

Assembled demographic and business data into a market opportunity model.

Developed rapport with potential clients resulting in significant sales increases.

She identified several potential new customers through intense market research.

She shows the potential to be one of the top sales producers.

Mark has expanded his client base considerably.

He has expanded his client base by 25%.

Frequently goes the extra mile when appropriate to impress a potential customer.

Sales performance is outstanding.

Mark has perfected his closing skills resulting in extraordinary sales growth.

Mary’s enthusiasm and charisma make sales presentations memorable.


Mark transformed a fledgling sales territory into a solid producer.

Tailored a product presentation designed to address her customer’s needs.

Secured the Acme Company account by tailoring a sales presentation designed to address their needs.

Her sales numbers consistently meet or exceed quota.

Mary’s prior planning facilitated successful sales presentations.

His prior planning of required materials facilitated successful sales presentations.

Mark’s detailed customer research consistently identified the best potential sales contacts.

Mark’s detailed customer research consistently identified the best potential sales possibilities.

His ability to persuade people opens up many opportunities.

Mark reversed a downward trend in sales for his territory.

Mark has built up long-term relationships with several customers directly increasing the company’s profitability.

Mark has built up long-term relationships with several customers directly increasing sales.

His detailed market surveys have contributed to the acquisition of nine new accounts.

Mary conducts persuasive one-on-one and group presentations.

Her public speaking skills helped persuade several new clients to move to our firm.

Mark’s innovative research techniques have generated many new leads over the course of this rating period.

Mark’s persistence results in the continual development of new leads and revenue opportunities.

Mary consistently pursues new business relationships and cross-selling opportunities.

The delinquency ratio on his accounts is well below the company average.

She reduced her expense account by 25% last year.

Handles sales calls in a professional manner.

Handles sales calls with skill and sensitivity – often achieves successful results.

His coordination of services to the customer has increased sales on numerous occasions.

She projects a very positive image of the company to all potential customers.

Mark’s use of effective sales strategies has increased sales by 30%.

He has exceptional knowledge of products and services, customer needs and sales strategies.

Sales goals are generally met and often exceeded.

Mary can be counted on to consistently produce.

Mark reversed a downward trend in sales for his region.

Below Average

Occasionally unprepared or disorganized in sales calls and presentations.

Tony’s sales presentations are not sufficiently planned and he often fails to gather enough information on the customer to prepare properly.

Sales performance is sometimes acceptable but sales goals are not consistently met.

Sales goals are rarely met and immediate improvement is needed.

She lacks the product knowledge to effectively make sufficient sales.

Fails to build long term relationships with customers resulting in disappointing repeat sales.

Fails to develop positive customer relationships due to insufficient follow through with the customer.

Larry puts little effort into cold calling customers resulting in few new customer leads.

Gordon depends almost entirely on additional sales to current customers, limiting any possible increase in customer base.

The customer base in her territory has shrunk over this rating period.



Above Average

On several occasions, Mark has impressed customers with his technical knowledge.

Terry is the subject matter expert on network issues.

His systematic approach to solving technical issues produces excellent results.

Mark’s ability to solve the most complex problems has benefited this company immensely.

On several occasions his ability to solve technical problems has saved the day.

Mark’s ability to troubleshoot system problems quickly has reduced downtime by 25%.

Maintained system availability above 99.8%.

Provides excellent technical support to customers.

Mark created interface standardization and provided upgrade planning for the second-generation software package.

Created new system standards for the merchandising systems.

He established new procedures for equipment maintenance that eased operation and troubleshooting.

She established equipment documentation that eased operation and maintenance of the systems.

He was selected over four other technicians to be the senior tech.

Mark has solved engineering problems in complex equipment installation packages resulting in a savings of many hours of troubleshooting and downtime.

Others see Mark as an expert resource on IT issues.

Acts as a mentor on technology issues and applications.


Mr. Smith’s technical ability and experience were instrumental in solving numerous engineering and installation problems.

Mark’s technical ability and experience were instrumental in solving numerous engineering and installation problems.

His technical ability and experience were instrumental in solving numerous engineering and installation problems.

Developed an effective network outage notification system to keep all employees informed of problems.

Mr. Smith’s technical ability and experience were instrumental in solving numerous software problems

He is quick to analyze technical problems and implement sound solutions.

Serves as a technical liaison between the account team and the customer.

Tom has been a vital asset as a technical liaison between the account team and the customer.

His attention to detail has maintained the network equipment in a highly operational ready state.

John is rapidly making the transition between technician and technical supervisor.

Successfully managed the day-to-day computer support and networking problems.

Mark’s ability to troubleshoot system problems quickly has resulted in reduced downtime.

Completed conversion to MCI services within engineering defined time-line.

He worked the implementation of software modifications for the new billing platform.

He completed the implementation of software modifications for the new billing platform.

Mark suggested new criteria to test the merchandising system to its fullest extent.

He stays abreast of new innovations in the industry.

Mary accomplished several system upgrades with minimal downtime.

Mary accomplished several system restorals with minimal downtime.

His knowledge of the network has contributed greatly to the uninterrupted service provided by the IT department.

His trouble shooting expertise was instrumental in the successful completion of testing and restoring circuits in a timely manner.

Mary keeps all systems operating within specifications and with minimal downtime.

Mary has maintained a switch with an increased subscriber load with no interruption.

His broad knowledge of the information technology field has been an asset to this department.

Always responds promptly at the time of dispatch to service calls.

Demonstrates a high level of information technology skills and aptitude.

Mary’s technical skills are well learned and applied.

Continually looks for ways to improve the systems.

Mark provides technical guidance to junior technicians.

Below Average

She shows minimal interest in updating her technical skills.

Larry is only able to solve basic technical issues and struggles greatly with more complex problems.

He gets distracted by irrelevant technical details and misses the more obvious solution.

On several occasions, while on-call, he has failed to investigate problems that were later found to be substantial outages.

Frequently requires help troubleshooting problems.

Becomes frustrated quickly when troubleshooting if the solution is not readily apparent.

Creates near unworkable software solutions to relatively minor problems.

Does not take preventive maintenance seriously resulting in increased problems later.

Tony fails to document actions properly making it more difficult for other technicians working future problems.



Above Average

He is unusually adept at formulating solutions to complex problems.

On many occasions she has provided new approaches to problem solving that show initiative and innovation.

He effectively responds to emergency situations in a timely and controlled manner – reducing potentially adverse consequences.

Tom’s problem solving ability produces many innovative solutions.


Mark has a disciplined approach to problem solving.

Whenever problems were encountered, he correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem.

She always follows up to ensure problems are resolved.

Develops custom solutions to meet customer needs.

He foresees potential problems and responds quickly to solve them.

Mary consistently seeks and offers innovative solutions to problems.

Mark is typically logical and pragmatic in resolving problems.

She identifies problems and consistently makes appropriate recommendations for resolution.

Mark has demonstrated a solid ability to generate alternative solutions to problems.

He effectively responds to emergency situations aiding in minimizing adverse results.

Mark uses a systematic approach to problem solving that has been highly successful.

His solid problem solving is reflective of thoughtful research.

He consistently monitors problem areas and reacts effectively to minimize loss of output.

Tom’s problem solving ability resulted in numerous innovative solutions.

He encourages everyone to contribute ideas to find solutions to problems.

Below Average

Tony only responds to problems when they become pressing.

Fred allows difficult situations to escalate into significant problems.

Looks to others to solve problems when the solution is not readily apparent.

Larry’s lack of problem solving ability restricts the tasks he can work independently.



Above Average

Acme Company identified Jim as the reason they do business with us.

Her superior customer service skills allow her to handle the most difficult customers with success.

She was selected over five other associates to be the customer service troubleshooter.

His untiring efforts to carry out assigned tasks have been instrumental in supporting and maintaining numerous large accounts.

His intense desire to put the customer first is a great asset to this company.

Mark pushes himself to the limits to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customers continue to sing her praises whenever the opportunity arises.

Mark inspires others to be responsive to the customer and to achieve positive results.

Mark is a constant example to associates in performing customer service and handling difficult situations.


We have received numerous compliments from customers on Mary’s courtesy and helpfulness.

His encounters with customers help establish long-term relationships.

Mary always goes the extra mile to assist customers.

Mary will always go the extra mile to help a customer.

She will always go the extra mile to solve a problem for a customer.

Mary has developed positive relationships with many customers.

Mark is skilled at dealing with upset customers.

Mary’s effective guidance and her sound management of the call center provided highly reliable customer support.

She provided excellent customer service to an increased subscriber load without interruption.

Has an exceptional customer service attitude.

Always greets and assists visitors in a professional manner.

Mark’s positive contribution to customer service is an asset to this office.

His ability to work with customers to solve their concerns has benefited this company immensely.

We have received numerous customer compliments on Mark’s friendliness.

On several occasions Mark’s ability to solve customer problems has saved the day.

Mary’s telephone personality and friendliness allows her to deal with the most difficult customers.

On several occasions, Mark has impressed customers with his ability to address their concerns.

He always puts the needs of the client first.

Her dedication to the customer results in all customer commitments completed on time and at the lowest cost.

His desire to help the customer is a great asset to this company.

Mary responds promptly to customer requests and questions.

She demonstrates technical and business expertise when dealing with customers.

He regularly seeks feedback to improve his department’s service to the customer.

Customer service is always first for Mark.

The customer is always the top priority for Mary.

He identifies and establishes priorities that are customer service orientated.

Mary anticipates, understands and responds to meet customer needs.

She always does whatever it takes to please the customer.

She is a constant example to associates in how to perform customer service.

Frequently goes the extra mile to serve the customer.

Able to diffuse difficult customer situations smoothly.

He is attentive, concerned, and always polite with clients.

Mary handles difficult situations with poise and professionalism.

She is able to diffuse difficult situations in a positive manner.

Mark responses to customer requests quickly and effectively.

Responds to requests for assistance promptly and professionally.

His professional, courteous and attentive behavior is highly regarded by customers.

Mary’s rapport with customers is extremely positive.

Customer needs are met in a timely manner.

Below Average

Tony fails to put the needs of the client first.

Larry fails to put the needs of the client first resulting in lost accounts.

She fails to put the needs of the client first, putting several accounts in jeopardy.

His customer service performance is unsatisfactory.

Customer complaints, curtness, or lack of attentive service is common.

He is sometimes too casual and appears uninterested in the customer.

Have received repeated complaints from customers in regard to Tony’s inattentiveness, poor communication and his unwillingness to solve problems and provide assistance.

Customer needs and requests are frequently not met.

Chuck has failed to return customer calls on numerous occasions.

Frequently makes the customer wait while she completes unrelated work.

On occasion has complained in front of customers about co-workers and supervisors.

Has presented the company in a poor light in front of customer.



Above Average

Her productivity is always one of the highest on the floor.

Mary’s productivity is always one of the highest in the office.

He has championed several projects to increase productivity.

He has championed several projects to improve the workflow.

She was instrumental in designing a floor plan that achieves maximum productivity.

Mark was instrumental in designing a workflow that achieves maximum productivity.


Mary consolidated several inventory functions to improve productivity.

Mary consolidated several inventory functions to improve her departments’ productivity.

He standardized the ordering process for new telecommunications services.

He standardized the ordering process for new telecommunications services resulting in a much simpler process.

He has increased the per unit margin on new sales by 2.7%.

Mark reduced operating expenses by 15%.

Mark’s cost reduction efforts reduced operating expenses by 15%.

Her cost reduction efforts resulted in a reduction in operating expenses within her department.

His positive work habits ensure a high level of productivity.

His solid work habits help ensure a high level of productivity.

Mark has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the business process.

Mary enhances productivity in her department through teamwork, training and communication.

Completes projects thoroughly, completely, and on or ahead of schedule.

Mark increased productivity in his section by at least 15%.

She uses work time productively.

Mary consistently accomplishes more then expected.

Incorporates a variety of techniques that expedites the completion of many assignments.

Mark simplified the ordering process, reducing the time by 20%.

Below Average

Occasionally has difficulty separating important and unimportant work tasks.

Ms. Thomas’s productivity is frequently the lowest in the department.

Most tasks take Paul longer to complete then his co-workers.

Tom does not take due dates seriously causing most tasks to be completed late.

Larry spends too much time socializing with co-workers resulting in low productivity.

His lack of time management skills negatively impacts his productivity.



Above Average

Motivated her department to exceed annual sales numbers.

Mary motivated her department to exceed annual sales numbers by fifteen percent.

His department finished second in production increase across the entire company.

His department finished second in production increase throughout the Midwest region.

Her workers have brought into her vision.

His public speaking skills command attention.

His ability to motivate others fosters cooperation and teamwork.

Mark takes calculated risks that promote growth and new discovery.

Mark has strengthened the partnership between managers and employees to achieve greater results.

She inspires others to higher levels of performance.

He motivates his employees to higher levels of achievement through outstanding mentoring.

Strong leadership is demonstrated during emergency situations through a calm, effective and proactive response.


Motivated her department to meet annual sales numbers.

Ms. Smith’s motivation and positive attitude ensured the sales team’s success.

Her motivation and positive attitude ensured the sales team’s success.

Shows a genuine concern for her staff.

Shows a genuine concern for those that work for her.

His department finished second in quality improvements.

Sets stringent, yet achievable, performance standards for his subordinates.

She is responsible for managing multiple departments.

He creates a positive energy among his subordinates.

Exerts a positive influence on others.

Mark can be relied upon to exercise sound judgment even under strenuous conditions.

Mark has demonstrated the ability to highly develop subordinates.

Mark’s genuine concern for his staff is reflected in their steadfast loyalty to him.

He maintains clear standards for his subordinates.

He prepared and implemented the budget for the HR department.

She holds subordinates accountable and gives them the authority to do the assigned tasks.

She planned, scheduled and coordinated the operational and maintenance activities for the systems department.

Mark has a keen ability to find good employees through his hiring process.

His ability to persuade others results in increased productivity by his staff.

She has standardized the hiring process, producing a greatly streamlined process.

Mary articulates her vision well.

Mary articulates the company’s position well.

Mary delegates effectively.

Ms. Smith delegates duties effectively.

Mary effectively delegates duties to subordinates, creating a balanced workflow.

Mark continued the development of his subordinates resulting in greater initiative in his department.

Mark’s development of his subordinates resulted in quicker problem resolution in his department.

Mark’s development of his subordinates resulted in less reliance on direct supervision and greater productivity within his department.

Mark encourages individual growth and development of his staff.

He constantly strives to develop the professional competence and standards of his subordinates.

She is an aggressive leader who constantly seeks greater responsibility.

He establishes clear goals and objectives for his staff.

Mary develops confidence in her employees to be creative and innovative.

She allows her employees the freedom to make decisions and act in the company’s best interest.

Mark gives clear and honest performance feedback to his employees.

Always applies consistent standards for all employees.

He encourages everyone to contribute ideas to improve the operation.

Mark encourages creativity from his staff.

Emphasizes information sharing to increase quality and productivity.

Involves staff in goals and objectives development.

Acts upon suggestions from her staff and provides timely feedback.

Mark demonstrates a willingness to take appropriate risks.

Conducts objective and constructive performance evaluations.

He recognizes and rewards members of his staff when appropriate.

He successfully crafted and communicated a vision for excellence to his division.

Mary deals calmly and appropriately with crises.

He recognizes the contributions of his subordinates and rewards them accordingly.

Mark advocates on behalf of staff to ensure that they have the appropriate resources and authority to meet their goals.

He always recognizes the accomplishments of his staff.

Anticipates and manages conflict insightfully.

Tackles tough issues strategically, decisively and fairly.

He looks for common ground in discussions and uses persuasion creatively and effectively to achieve results.

He is seen as a role model, contributor and a leader.

Mary holds herself and others accountable to high standards.

Mark encourages and mentors junior workers to improve their contributions.

Mark is consistently regarded as an effective leader.

Mary’s leadership skills are consistent with the company’s values.

He acts as a role model by mentoring and assisting less experienced colleagues.

Her decision-making is systematic and sound, covering related contingencies, consequences and alternatives.

She treats her staff as partners in pursuing the company’s goals.

Mark motivates his employees to think and work independently.

Decision-making is timely and astute

Always maintains focus on management goals

She is extremely detailed and able to prioritize objectives to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Mark demonstrates adept skill in preparing to meet the short and long term goals and objectives of his department.

My decision-making is systematic and sound, covering related contingencies, consequences and alternatives.

Below Average

Does not wish to be held accountable for his departments’ lack of productivity.

Fails to make timely decisions.

Fails to make timely decisions resulting in lost productivity.

He does not have leadership qualities.

He does not display leadership traits.

Tony’s lack of leadership results in an unacceptable amount of unproductive time by his subordinates.

His failure to give direction to his subordinates results in an unacceptable amount of unproductive time.

Tony’s hiring decisions have resulted in several bad hires.

Larry fails to recognize contributions of others, seriously affecting the morale of his staff.

His ability to lead is limited by a lack of effort and positive attitude.

Does not always exercise sound judgment – his indecisiveness impacts operations negatively.

His ability to guide others is limited due to lack of effort, desire, vision and positive attitude.

Tony makes every task a priority eventually causing his team to disregard all priorities.

He fails to address behavior and actions of workers that are inconsistent with organizational expectations and policies.

Is frequently not focused on the organization’s goals.

Fails to recognize the accomplishments of his staff.

Shows favoritism to some members of his team causing morale concerns.

Allows friendships with some members of her team to affect her judgment in dealing with other team members.

Lacks the leadership to correct substandard behavior by his subordinates.



Above Average

Reduced the departments travel budget by $7,000.

Reduced the departments travel budget by 35%.

Her efforts to control costs have saved the company over $22,000 this year.

She reduced over-time cost in her department by 25%.

Her abilities to prioritize tasks resulted in a 35% reduction in over time.

His superior management skills are reflected in outstanding employee relations and development.

Budget deviations are non-existent or occur only with full management concurrence.

Mark kept his department under budget by 7.6% during this rating period.

She developed a budget that was within 5% of actual costs.

Managed maintenance commitments in an expert manner.

His management of maintenance commitments resulted in a 20% reduction of service calls.


Mark’s ability to balance priorities and resource allocations while maintaining high service levels to customers has been a major asset to this office.

Extremely conscientious in balancing priorities and resources while meeting all expectations and staying within budget.

She has the proven ability to balance priorities and resources to meet the demands of her position.

Mary utilizes cost containment principles effectively, always staying within budget.

She prudently tracks resource risks, forecasts potential problems, and effectively resolves concerns in a timely manner.

Very consistent and effective at managing time, resources and priorities.

Mark effectively manages his budget to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Always maintains focus on management goals.

Demonstrates exceptional skill in projecting, developing, controlling and meeting budgets.

Budget projection, development, and control are sound and accurate.

Budget goals are consistently met with minor exceptions.

Ensured the fulfillment of all office needs, supplies and functions.

He kept his department under budget during this rating period.

Below Average

His performance is lacking in balancing service levels and controlling costs.

Staffing, equipment and supply problems arise too often.

Her cost cutting efforts have not measured up to other departments.

His budget projections are frequently inaccurate and the budget is repeatedly not met.

Tony’s lack of budget controls and inattention to sound budgeting guidelines creates financial problems.

Lack of attention to the planning process and inadequate skills result in below average performance.

Her lack of planning has resulted in problems for the organization and do not meet expectations.



Above Average

Her department always meets production schedule deadlines with no exceptions.

Mark directed complex operations to support the factory move.

Mary’s efficient production scheduling avoids bottlenecks in the system.

His shift scheduling always achieved a proper balance of staffing, fairness and employee satisfaction.

He instills pride in his team and exudes maximum effort from them by setting the example.

Employee motivation in Mark’s department is excellent.

She acts as a mentor to facilitate her subordinates reaching higher performance standards.

Mark takes the time to immediately answers questions from his workers to keep them productive.

Mark has the ability to highly develop subordinates.


Her department always meets production schedule deadlines.

Mary maintains clear standards for her shift.

Her department always meets production schedule deadlines with few exceptions.

She always enforces the standard operating procedures for her shift.

He instills pride of workmanship in his crew.

As the immediate authority in the field he can always be counted on to make the right decision.

His effective guidance and sound management of his maintenance crew provided highly reliable service throughout this rating period.

Mark is viewed as a consistent and fair supervisor by his staff and peers.

He deals effectively with employee issues, performance concerns and problems.

Employee performance is enhanced by the quality of her feedback.

Always well-prepared and organized in managing interviews.

Mark handles interviews in a professional manner.

Leads and inspires his workers to improve service to the customer.

Mary leads and inspires her staff to increase quality and productivity.

His ability to allocate resources helps to ensure effective operating results and cost management.

He is very skilled in training others to perform their jobs.

Mary’s employees are well prepared and able to successfully perform their job duties.

Mr. Smith is rapidly making the transition between worker and supervisor.

His effective guidance and the sound management of his maintenance crew provided highly reliable communications.

Her effective guidance and the sound management of her call center provided highly reliable customer support.

Below Average

Kelly’s shift scheduling frequently resulted in staff shortages and employee dissatisfaction.

Kelly’s shift scheduling, on occasion, resulted in staff shortages and employee dissatisfaction.

Employee motivation in Larry’s department is substandard.

Diane avoids dealing with employee issues, performance concerns and problems.

Somewhat inconsistent in providing feedback to employees: often prone to only positive feedback when constructive feedback is necessary.

His department effectiveness is marginal.

Tony fails to put an emphasis on clarifying instructions or information for his staff, resulting in lost productivity.

On occasion his employees maybe misinformed or uninformed regarding company procedures.

Larry fails to articulate directions and instructions clearly and effectively, causing confusion and frustration for his subordinates.



Above Average

Mark is an outstanding trainer of computer skills.

Russ’s enthusiasm for teaching is contagious among his students.

Many of Mark’s students have commented on the simplicity and effectiveness of his teaching techniques.

Utilizing a creative and hands on approach, Tom delivered an outstanding strategic training and development program.

He developed lesson plans to teach new employee orientation that are now used throughout the company.

Mark takes it upon himself to learn our new products and the competition’s and then teaches his coworkers.

Mark possesses a depth of subject information and is flexible with the presentation formats.

Her presentation skills are engaging and effective.

Training sessions consistently achieve desired results.

Mary is well received by students.

Mary’s enthusiasm and charisma make lessons memorable.


Provides energetic contributions to the classroom setting.

Successfully trained a nine member office staff.

Mark has an innovative approach to training that gets results.

She always receives positive end of class reviews from her students.

She designed customized training programs targeting quality deficiencies.

He designed customized training programs targeting customer service.

Mark’s on-site customer training is an asset to the company.

Her on-site customer training has received positive reviews from the attendees.

Her on-site customer training has received positive comments from the attendees.

She cross-trained personnel in job duties that resulted in reduced supervision requirements and a savings in overtime.

Mary trained personnel in automating work orders.

He trains his personnel for maximum team performance.

Mark has a creative approach to presenting subject matter.

Demonstrates a high level of commitment to his employees in planning and meeting their career goals.

He has a keen awareness of organizational needs related to employee development.

Mark works to mentor and support assigned staff in meeting career goals.

Mary can effectively prepare and present a variety of information to diverse groups.

She has demonstrated an exceptional ability to organize, prepare and present information.

Her excellent subject knowledge results in superior teaching performance.

His classroom presentations result in optimal student learning and achievement.

Excellent subject knowledge strongly supports student performance.

He teaches and assists new personnel in performance of their duties.

Below Average

His lectures lack variety in teaching techniques and could be better organized.

Inadequate focus is directed toward employee education and development.

Classroom presentations are sometimes lacking in organization and preparation.

Larry shows little desire to conduct training and it results in substandard student learning.

Carl does not always show the patience to teach inexperienced students.

Students frequently complain that material was presented in a disorganized fashion.

Many end of class reviews from the students are negative.

Larry receives more negative reviews from his students than any other trainer.

She is frequently unable to answer student’s questions because her knowledge of the class material is limited.

His training method does not go much beyond reading slides to the class.



Above Average

Mark saved the company $2,200 by refusing to give up looking for a better bid for the press replacement project.

She develops positive relationships with our vendors that prove to be quite profitable to our company.

His expertise in inventory control has reduced errors by 25%.

Mark’s expertise in inventory control resulted in a 25% reduction of inventory on-hand.

On her own initiative, Mary located a lower cost-shipping vendor resulting in a significant cost savings.

Consistently demonstrates complete command of the negotiation process, including an understanding of the needs and resources of all parties.


Successfully managed the distribution of installation material, allowing him to fill parts shortages for twelve projects.

Managed the distribution of installation material and filled parts shortages for twelve projects.

Maintained 100% accountability of more then $200,000 of equipment.

Coordinates the filling of requisitions in a timely manner.

Mark can be counted on to find the best price on purchases.

Mark always negotiates the best price on purchases.

She develops profitable relationships with our vendors.

His hands-on technical expertise aided immeasurably in design reviews and code testing.

He located a lower cost-shipping vendor resulting in a significant cost savings.

He overcame numerous logistical problems to complete the equipment installation project on time.

On several occasions Mark has been able to find contract pricing alternatives that resulted in cost savings for our company.

Mark’s resourcefulness in finding contract pricing alternatives has lowered our cost on numerous occasions.

Mary ensures just in time delivery of materials for the production line realizing a large savings from inventory reduction.

Below Average

His supply documentation is frequently inaccurate or outdated.

Prior to inventories a great deal of time must be spent to get Larry’s area of responsibility ready.

On occasion she fails to follow company supply procedures resulting in missing inventory items.

Paul’s poor relationships with vendors discourage favorable price reductions for our company.

On several occasions items purchased by Jennifer were found at a lower cost with other vendors.

The largest write-offs of missing equipment occur in her area of responsibility.



Above Average

Mark exceeds standards on a daily basis.

Continually performs above his peers.

She understands related jobs and operations within the organization.

He aspires to the highest levels of excellence.

Demonstrates a willingness to perform beyond expectations.

His performance reflects the highest standards of research, prudence and safety.

Her work output clearly exceeds standards and normal expectations.


Mark performs well under pressure.

Mary proactively utilizes her understanding of company functions to effectively facilitate and promote company objectives.

She is generally a good and consistent performer in all assigned areas.

Mark put in many extra hours to solve a major customer’s system problem.

On several occasions, Mark put in extra hours to solve customer problems.

Mark has a full commitment to complete assigned responsibilities in a professional manner.

He is consistently well prepared.

He is able to handle any job assignment requiring strength and stamina.

Mark always meets or exceeds deadlines and productivity goals.

Never lets stress affect his job performance.

Works independently and rarely requires supervision for assigned responsibilities.

She is generally self-directed, requiring minimal supervision to complete tasks or assignments.

Below Average

The consistency and timeliness of her performance is problematic

He is late on most suspense’s.

Her lack of concern for detail and following proper techniques results in a low quality work performance.

Significant problems have occurred as a result of improper actions on Tony’s part.

Tony rarely goes beyond defined job responsibilities.

His performance is slow or unfocused.

Tony becomes consumed by challenges and is unable to complete his job assignments.

Occasionally requires additional attention and assistance to complete work.

Requires almost constant supervision.

Late on most suspense’s.



Above Average

His knowledge of computers has made him the departments’ resident expert.

Due to his superior abilities, his talents are in great demand.

Mary’s superior customer service skills have made her the department’s ace.

Coworkers seek his expertise.

He worked with sales and operations to successfully enhance cost effective services and rationalize cost prohibitive services.

Working with sales and operations he successfully enhanced cost effective services and rationalized cost prohibitive services.

Submitted an idea to her supervisor that was implemented company wide.

Because of his immense knowledge he was hand picked to work on the quality initiative.

Other technicians regularly seek Mark’s advice.

Her outstanding organizational skills allowed her to juggle several projects and meet all deadlines.

Mark’s ingenuity allowed him to create a working prototype to evaluate the proposed changes to the product.

Mary’s product expertise was the source of information to solve a complex customer problem, thereby saving the account.

Demonstrates a high degree of expertise and mastery in all aspects of her position

Others see Mark as an expert resource.

Her excellent job knowledge results in superior performance.

His excellent job knowledge results in superior performance.

Mark understands related jobs and operations within the organization and uses this knowledge to maximize his performance.

Mark’s understanding of related jobs and operations within the organization is a major asset to this company.


Has become competent in the tasks and skills required in his job.

Mark decreased the number of complaints received due to incorrect order fulfillment.

She possesses and demonstrates the technical know-how to complete her responsibilities

Works with no supervision.

Works with little to no supervision.

He provided valuable input while working with the sales and operations staff on the 2004 budget.

Mark has established a reputation for competence and reliability.

Mark has established a reputation for competence by completing assignments well and on time.

Mary’s ingenuity results in surprisingly clever solutions.

Is well informed on all phases of her duties.

Mark is constantly striving to improve his job knowledge.

Sally is constantly striving to improve his knowledge of the metal stamping business.

Mark’s time management skills increase his productivity.

He attacks problems with a tenacity that serves this company well.

Mark attacks challenges with a tenacity that serves this company well.

Attained and maintained 100% compliance with FCC rules and government regulations.

Mark has greatly increased his work knowledge over the course of the year.

He has displayed an exceptional mechanical and electrical aptitude.

His attention to detail allowed him to find several errors in new sales orders prior to delivery.

His attention to detail, while preparing for this years audit, resulted in no major deficiencies.

After taking over the responsibility for HR functions she brought all the required new-hire paperwork into compliance with company procedures.

Through his untiring efforts he brought all the required new-hire paperwork into compliance with company procedures.

She exhibits outstanding organizational skills.

Mary demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to perform her job effectively.

Her immense knowledge base serves as a resource that frequently assists others in their duties.

Is well respected by his peers.

Mark constructs very solid, logical arguments to support his positions.

He has consistently demonstrated an ability to learn on the job.

Mary has demonstrated the ability to quickly balance priorities against work demands in both daily schedules and crisis situations.

He seeks and welcomes new information and ways of performing his duties.

He is consistently recognized for subject matter knowledge in his area of expertise.

Her research skills are thorough and consistent

Mark demonstrates an understanding of other company functions increasing his effectiveness.

Has outstanding organizational skills; maximizes limited resources to create positive results.

He possesses an excellent working knowledge of the industry standards.

Uses her knowledge of the organization to identify needed resources where required.

Mary has an extremely high commitment to increasing her knowledge and skills.

Demonstrates a superior understanding of current trends in the industry.

Below Average

He struggles with new concepts.

Paul’s poor time management skills result in missed opportunities.

Does not demonstrate follow-through.

Tony lacks the knowledge and skills necessary to perform his job at a satisfactory level.

His performance is below standards in a number of critical areas.

Some areas of job knowledge are lacking, resulting in performance problems.

Improvement is needed in meeting deadlines, tracking details and setting priorities.

Most areas of job knowledge are lacking, resulting in significant performance problems.

Some areas of job knowledge are lacking, resulting in performance problems.

Does not show an interest in learning his job beyond the bare minimum necessary to function.

Requires almost constant supervision due to a lack of job knowledge.



Above Average

Demonstrates exceptional talents in creating new and effective processes and procedures.

She frequently comes up with new and better ways of improving processes, methods, and procedures.

Mary demonstrates exceptional talents in creating new and effective processes and methods.


Mary demonstrates an aptitude for creativity that has produced positive results.

Seeks and achieves innovative solutions and continuous improvement.

Mark seeks to effectively assimilate change into the working environment.

He is supportive and proactive in effecting changes.

He frequently comes up with new and better ways of improving processes and work methodologies.

Generally produces good ideas.

Mark always seeks and achieves innovative solutions and continuous improvement.

Vigorously reviews systems, procedures and practices – making suggestions for improvement as appropriate.

She has introduces some innovative Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts into her areas of responsibility.

Below Average

He makes no impact on improving his work methods.

Demonstrates a general resistance to change.

Can adapt to new situations, but only when forced.

Tony frequently resists change causing problems and delays.

Larry seems satisfied with the status quo and makes little effort to make improvements to his work processes.

She makes no impact on improving work processes and methods.



Above Average

Mary has introduces some innovative Total Quality Management concepts into her areas of responsibility.

Her attention to detail resulted in one of the highest quality ratings in the company.

Her work quality exceeds standards and normal expectations.

He established himself as the go to person in quality control.

Championed many quality initiatives in his department.

Championed many quality initiatives to include tracking and reducing product returns.

Mark has successfully carried the load for his department while several positions remained unfilled.

Working within her budgeted head count she increased her departments output by 15%.

Mary’s insistence on quality workmanship from her staff reduced defects by 50%.

Mark’s introduction of innovative quality controls resulted in a 40% reduction in the reject rate.

Mark’s refusal to accept anything less then perfection increased the level of quality in his office.

Mary takes ownership of her job and it shows in the high quality results she produces.

Her accuracy and attention to detail are exceptional.

Mary’s accuracy and attention to detail are exceptional resulting in virtually no errors.

Mark instituted a pilot program of quality circles that has shown promise in our efforts to improve quality.

Consistently produces a high volume of quality work.

Work is above established standards in production, timeliness and consistency.


Makes no mistakes or errors of any consequence.

Mark demonstrates a commitment to excellence at all times.

Assignments are completed carefully and in full accordance with specific instructions.

His grammar, punctuation and spelling are flawless in all written documents.

His assignments are completed correctly with very few mistakes.

Mark’s precision work always produces the highest quality product.

Her tireless efforts to achieve perfection in order fulfillment resulted in several months with zero errors.

Mark’s production levels rank with the best on the floor.

Mark always delivers precision work

Mark’s work is always of the highest caliber.

Her precision work on the monthly audits has allowed for constant 100% accountability.

Mark always puts quality first.

Mark has taken the quality program to heart resulting in measurable improvements.

Mary strives for perfection in every order she processes.

Mark strives for perfection in everything he does.

She demands quality from herself and others.

Mark processed status reports and client records quickly and efficiently during this rating period.

Mary, while working within her budgeted head count, decreased the handling time for new order requisitions.

He demonstrates a desire to produce quality work.

Mark always submits complete and accurate reports.

Mary always ensures that customer commitments are executed on time and within budget.

Mary demands quality workmanship from her team.

Mark is strongly committed to doing the job right the first time.

He has instilled in his team the philosophy of doing the job right the first time.

Always ensures that proper engineering practices are adhered to.

He completes assignments in a thorough, accurate, and timely manner.

He completes assignments in a thorough, accurate, and timely manner that achieves expected results.

Mary regularly seeks feedback to improve her department’s quality.

Demonstrates ownership and pride in work performed.

Demonstrates commitment to excellence at all times.

Uses quality management techniques to continuously create new efficiencies.

She makes no mistakes or errors of any consequence

He pays close attention to accuracy and detail.

Mary always completes assignments in a timely and thorough manner.

Below Average

His lack of effort resulted in several deficiencies on the inventory audit.

His mistakes consistently hamper this department’s progress.

Makes occasional mistakes and errors, but they are not excessive and are corrected in a timely manner.

Reports submitted by Tony frequently lack completeness and accuracy.

Her commitment to quality is inconsistent.

Tony does not typically produce a sufficient volume of work for allotted time or effort.

Tony’s lack of follow-through and unwillingness to complete tasks occasionally leaves team members to complete his responsibilities.

Tony does not always follow instructions resulting in errors.

Quality standards are not met.

Larry produces a large quantity of work but of minimal quality.



Above Average

Mark has had a perfect attendance record over this rating period.

She is usually the first one at the office.

His response time to on call emergencies is incredibly quick.

He successfully kept the department running during a time of manpower shortages.

He maintained the system availability above 99.8%.

Mark’s maintenance efforts achieved system availability above 99.8%.

Absences do not occur – attendance is perfect.


Mark can be counted on to cover on call when assigned.

He maintained an exemplary attendance record.

Mark has shown a total commitment to making this company successful.

She takes great pride in her work ethic.

Works well without constant supervision.

Dependable in performing without supervision.

Mark had no missed days of unplanned absences.

Paul had three missed days of unplanned absences.

He can be counted on to cover on call when scheduled.

His quick response time to on call emergencies has resulted in little to no impact on the customer.

Mark can always be counted on to see things through to completion.

Mark can always be counted on to give his best effort.

Is willing to work under any conditions.

Is willing to work outside under any weather conditions.

Is willing to work under harsh conditions.

Mark maintained fleet availability above 98.5% over this rating period.

She can always be relied upon to get the job done.

Mary takes ownership of her responsibilities and always sees them through to completion.

He always makes appropriate arrangements for his absences.

Rarely, if ever, misses deadlines or fails to meet schedules.

He completes all his assignments on time.

Below Average

His numerous unplanned absences have hindered the departments’ output.

Her numerous unplanned absences have disrupted the office workflow on many occasions.

The inability to rely on Larry results in numerous missed opportunities.

The inability to rely on Tony consistently hampers this department’s ability to maximize its output.

The inability to rely on Tony consistently hampers this department’s flexibility.

Tony cannot be counted on to see things through to completion.

Does not always see assignments through to completion.

Absenteeism has impacted Tony’s job performance.



Above Average

Mark can work and communicate effectively with a variety of personalities and across functional groups.

Exerts a positive influence on fellow team members.

Mary motivates all those around her to excel.

Through her leadership she has the ability to mold individuals into a highly productive team.

Her team’s accomplishments over this period have been remarkable.

Team building is one of her greatest strengths.

Employs highly successful team building strategies.

Excellent team player who creates a positive environment and greatly enhances productivity.


Mary always supports her co-workers in anyway possible.

Mary demonstrates a cooperative spirit and a strong sense of teamwork.

Has the ability to work in harmony with others.

Fits in well in a team environment.

She puts the goals of the team ahead of her own.

He creates a positive energy among his co-workers.

He creates a positive energy among his teammates.

Mark always takes the time to help and teach fellow workers with computer problems.

Offers assistance to fellow workers to achieve the departments’ goals.

She shares information and resources with others to further the company’s goals.

She shares information and resources with others to increase the quality and productivity of this department.

His actions foster cooperation and teamwork.

Mary’s positive attitude helps motivate her team members and co-workers.

Is a team player in the achievement of the company’s goals.

She cheerfully helps others as needed.

Mark understands the role of a team player.

Demonstrates teamwork by willingly sharing job expertise.

Has earned a high level of trust among co-workers.

Mark functions as a valuable team member.

Provides support, contributes suggestions, cooperates in problem solving and is responsive to team members.

Below Average

Mr. Smith sometimes lacks the willingness to work harmoniously with others.

His attempts to mentor and assist personnel are not constructive or helpful.

He does not actively participate in team functions without being asked.

Shows disdain at being part of a team.

Is unwilling to help others affecting overall team goals.



Above Average

Mark is skilled at dealing with high maintenance accounts.

She has excellent interpersonal skills.

She has the ability to build consensus.

Brings conflict or dissent into the open and uses it to productively improve working relationships.

Works extensively to create and preserve a diverse work environment.

She proactively includes people from different backgrounds in operational and strategic planning processes.

He has the ability to be persistent while remaining tactful.


Mary demonstrates a cooperative spirit and a strong sense of teamwork.

He demonstrates a cooperative spirit.

Mary articulates her ideas well.

Mark conveys ideas persuasively in a concise, organized, and professional manner.

Cooperates with other employees to get things done.

She maintains positive and constructive working relationships with her peers and supervisors.

Establishes positive work relationships.

Can work and communicate effectively with a variety of personalities.

Can work and communicate effectively with cross functional groups.

Mary participates actively in meetings.

He always shows respect for diversity and inclusiveness.

Relates in an appropriate and productive manner with subordinates, coworkers and superiors.

Maintains harmonious and effective work relationships with co-workers.

Maintains harmonious and professional work relationships with fellow workers, supervisors and others.

Deals positively and effectively with coworkers and management.

Mark demonstrates respect for all individuals.

Exercises courtesy, tact and respect when interacting with coworkers and customers.

He values inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace.

Demonstrates effectiveness in interactions with others

Mary demonstrates awareness of and consideration for the ideas, opinions and feelings of others.

Mark has an awareness of cultural, gender, and ethnic sensitivities and a commitment to create an open and positive work environment.

Mary is fully sensitive to cultural, gender, and ethnic issues in her speech and actions.

Works well with people from different backgrounds in any work environment.

She works to build cooperative relationships with others.

Below Average

Carl’s attitude elicits very little cooperation from his colleagues.

Tony participates very little in meetings.

His lack of people skills foster resistance and resentment among his staff.

His lack of tact and poor communication causes problems working outside his department.

Tony fails to show sensitivity to cultural, gender, and ethnic issues in his speech and actions.

Creates conflict among co-workers from different backgrounds.

Refuses to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

His interactions with others are frequently not productive.

Tony’s lack of cooperation with coworkers erodes productivity.



Above Average

Her communication skills are excellent.

Marks listening and interpersonal communication skills strengthen others.

Adept in providing both positive and negative communication in a straightforward but appropriate manner.

Tactful, but straight forward in dealing with others.

Exercises exceptional perception and communication.

He demonstrates excellent perception of issues and communicates his position effectively.

Exhibits charisma and a strong audience connection.

Presentation skills are engaging and effective.

His written documents are exceptionally clear, concise and well organized.


Articulates directions and instructions clearly and effectively.

He effectively conveys information and concepts orally and in writing.

She listens carefully and seeks clarification to ensure understanding.

Communicates effectively in writing.

Exhibits effective writing ability in reports and correspondences.

Her written documents are clear, concise, and well constructed.

Mark has the ability to communicate relevant information effectively to team members and management alike.

Information and instructions are given at an appropriate level for all to understand.

Below Average

He fails to listen and pay sufficient attention to instructions resulting in frequent mistakes.

Poor verbal communication skills of listening and speaking impede job performance.

Communication skills are inadequate or confrontational.

Demonstrates little tact when dealing with others.

Frequently is impatient when asked to explain a job task to a co-worker.

Lacks the ability to write effectively.

Writing frequently has grammatical errors along with spelling mistakes.



Above Average

Demonstrates an aggressive pursuit of methods to improve his job.

She demonstrates a take-charge initiative that gets results.

Mark always finds something to keep himself busy.

Mark is always learning the company’s new products to stay well prepared.

She prides herself in taking telephone calls immediately.

He always finds ways to keep busy doing productive tasks.

Her work ethic is above reproach.

He has frequently worked extra hours to complete assignments.

Mary took it upon herself to write job descriptions for all customer service positions.

His initiative, resourcefulness and untiring efforts to achieve perfection in all his duties resulted in increase efficiency within his department.

Mary is constantly seeking methods to improve her job performance and has made many sound recommendations to improve the overall efficiency of the company.

Mark actively seeks additional assignments.

Mark actively seeks additional assignments as evidenced by his assumption of a primary role on the quality improvement initiative.

Mark has frequently learned new skills on his own initiative.

Mary has on numerous occasions proactively initiated an activity beyond her current assigned tasks to improve the departments’ output.

Takes the initiative in asking for additional responsibilities.

Mark questions current approaches and explores new, more viable ways to accomplish his objectives.

Frequently works beyond expectations demonstrating exceptional initiative.

Continually looks for situations that could be improved and takes initiative to reach solutions.

Regularly pursues educational activities to improve his knowledge base.

Mary constantly pursues educational activities related to her job functions.


Mark suggested and implemented a new procedure for processing new sales orders quicker.

Mark suggested an improvement in the sales order process that resulted in accelerated fulfillment times.

On her own initiative, Mary assumed responsibility for managing the office-cleaning contractor.

Mary took the initiative and reorganized the departments filing system.

Takes the initiative to establish positive work relationships.

Seeks out opportunities for self-improvement.

Seeks out opportunities to improve her job.

Mark has the ability to initiate action without direction from others.

She has the ability to initiate action without direct supervision.

Mark works in the field with little or no supervision.

Mark maintains a high level of productivity while working in the field with little or no supervision.

He works independently to accomplish any task.

He always keeps current with new developments in his areas of responsibility.

She takes the initiative to be proactive and self-directed,

Mary proactively takes the initiative to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of her work processes.

His initiative is consistently at a high level.

Mark continually looks for situations that could be improved and takes the initiative to get it done.

Continually seeks to improve overall office appearance and organization.

Mark initiated the customer services activities plan to combine services and automation.

Below Average

Ms. Spears rarely shows any initiative beyond her specified duties.

Tony puts forth little effort to do anything beyond his assigned duties.

Due to his lack of effort his full potential remains untapped.

Tony produces little results when not directly supervised.

His poor work ethic does not allow for him to work independently in the field.

Because of his poor work ethic he cannot work independently in the field.

New developments in his areas of responsibility seem to take him by surprise.

Has little initiative in doing anything new or different.

He rarely goes beyond assigned job responsibilities.

Frequently resists work outside her perceived job description.



Above Average

She has unlimited potential to excel in positions of increasing responsibility and scope.

Shows maximum effort directed toward realization of his potential.

His intense desire for self-improvement will allow him to achieve any goal he sets his mind to.

She shows unlimited potential to excel in positions of increasing responsibility and scope.

Mark has excellent potential for future positions of increased responsibility.

He has the potential and desire to perform at higher levels of responsibilities.

Mary has the potential to be a supervisor or other management position.

Her potential and capabilities exceed those of her contemporary’s


She has continued her personal and professional growth.

Mark has made steady progress toward reaching his full potential.

Mary has yet to tap her full potential.

Mark has the potential to be one of the office’s highest producers.

Mark shows the potential to be one of the office’s highest producers.

He demonstrates the potential to be one of the office’s highest producers.

Mark maximizes his potential with dedication and hard work.

Her positive attitude will take her a long way.

She has the capacity for continued professional growth and effectiveness.

His performance indicates a continual positive impact and sustained growth in the future.

Mark’s potential makes him capable of an even higher caliber performance.

Demonstrates the capacity and desire to seek out greater challenges.

Mary fits well into virtually any assignment.

Below Average

Larry shows very little potential for advancement beyond his current position.

Tony shows little potential for future positions of increased responsibility.

Her lack of effort limits her potential within this department.

Shows little desire to assume duties with increased responsibility.



Above Average

His projects cost estimates are always within 5%.

Mark’s ability to estimate scheduling time within close tolerances is phenomenal.

He delivered on an accelerated target date for the switchboard upgrade project.

Excels in managing complex projects and balancing workloads to achieve results.

She keeps projects on-track through relentless follow-up and effective problem solving.

Multiple projects and competing assignments are carefully managed and completed within established timeframes.

Effectively manages all assigned projects bringing them to completion within prescribed timelines and meeting all of the project’s objectives.

Maintains effective control of simultaneous projects.

Accelerated the start of several projects resulting in early project completions.

Accelerated the start of the network upgrade project resulting in an accelerated completion date.


Mark ensures that projects are implemented in a timely manner and within budget.

Due to his superior organizational skills, Matt’s follow up on projects ensures on time schedule completion.

Mary delegates projects effectively.

Has successfully managed multiple projects.

Tom is responsible for managing multiple projects.

Mark coordinated the requirements for the new switchboard installation.

Has managed projects from start to finish while maintaining financial and operational metrics.

Mark has the ability to multi-task and manage several concurrent projects.

His material and labor cost estimates for the factory expansion were within 6%.

Her flexibility allowed the implementation of several projects on schedule and within budget.

Coordinated project implementation to accomplish three high profile projects this year.

She keeps projects on-track through effective problem solving.

Always keeps all involved parties fully informed of project status.

She is responsible for managing multiple projects.

Below Average

His poor organizational skills result in inadequate follow up and missed deadlines.

Tom’s poor organizational skills results in missed deadlines.

His poor time management skills resulted in numerous delayed project completions.

Projects may not be completed on time because of a lack of commitment or inability to solve problems.

Project stakeholders are sometimes not informed of the project’s status.

Projects are often left incomplete and never closed out.

Larry fails to assign responsibility for project tasks causing many tasks to be completed late or not at all.



Above Average

Her integrity is above reproach.

He displays a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity.

She assumes full responsibility for her team at all times.

Her honesty, trust and ethical behavior are exceptional in all business relationships.

Demonstrates extraordinary ethical behavior.

His understanding and application of ethical guidelines and institutional policies is precise and insightful.

Acts as an advocate for the rights and protection of his staff and fellow employees.


His personal behavior sets a good example for others.

Mary will always tell you the truth.

Always takes responsibility for her actions.

Mark stands behind his word.

Mark always keeps his promises to his clients and coworkers.

Assumes full responsibility for her duties and assignments.

Mary is honest and trustworthy in all business dealings.

Confidentiality is consistently demonstrated.

Mark demonstrates a high level of ethics in dealing with both internal and external customers.

She is an honest and trusted employee who understands the company’s standards on ethics and tries to abide by the established guidelines.

Below Average

Tony fails to build trust with his superiors and coworkers.

She blames others for her mistakes.

Tony does not accept responsibility for his actions.

Tony does not accept responsibility for his decisions.

Larry has, on occasion, taken other’s ideas and work and claimed it as his own.

Frequently blames others or does not accept responsibility for his actions.



Above Average

His department lost zero hours to accidents.

His department had no lost time to accidents.

Mark identified and corrected several safety concerns.

His emphasis on safety resulted in no accidents or loss time in his division.

His department had over 90,000 accident free miles during this rating period.

Is fully respected as an expert in emergency situations.

Places great emphasis on creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

Safety is a demonstrated top priority.

He is very active in finding ways to improve safety through more effective standards and procedures.

His compliance with all established workplace safety policies and OSHA regulations is excellent.


Mark identified and corrected two safety matters.

Drove 24,000 accident free miles over this rating period.

Drove 24,000 accident free miles in 2002.

Drove 24,000 accident free miles from March 2002 through April 2003.

Mary enforces safety precautions in the working environment.

Mary enforces safety precautions in a highly dangerous working environment.

Mark committed no safety violations during this rating period.

He is safety conscious in all his actions.

His plans are always safety orientated.

She observes safety standards in the workplace.

Completely and effectively follows emergency procedures and guidelines.

He takes steps to prevent accidents and safety violations and always reports unsafe situations.

Mary shows leadership in promoting safety.

She follows established procedures to correct unsafe conditions as observed.

Safety procedures are consistently followed and accidents are rare.

Understands and applies established policies and OSHA regulations.

His emphasis on safety resulted in no accidents or loss time in his department.

Mark insists on a daily safety briefing for all his teams.

Below Average

His department regularly has the most accidents within the plant.

Tony committed two safety violations during this rating period.

Seems unaware of safety problems and does not report or correct unsafe conditions.

Tony acts in a reckless manner that threatens coworker safety.

Safety is sometimes ignored in job performance.

Accidents occur more often than the standard.

His department had several minor accidents over this rating period reflecting poorly on the department’s safety record.

Must be frequently reminded to wear safety equipment.

On occasion it has been necessary to remind John to wear required safety equipment.




Should focus on expanding knowledge into other fields as related to the company.

Tends to hold on to workload rather than assign duties to others.

Lacks experience and training in many job related tasks.

His development is ongoing with expected greater results as he gains experience.

Tony’s performance has not yet reached an acceptable level due to inexperience and lack of training.

Her leadership skills are adequate but further development is needed.

He demonstrates a willingness to participate in performance improvement activities that enhance his job performance.

Presentation skills are adequate but room for growth exists.

Recommend Tony develop a variety of instructional techniques to increase training effectiveness.

His efforts are frequently acceptable but could use some improvement.

Below Average

Improvement is needed in recognizing areas of responsibility.

Cleanliness and neatness could improve.

Needs to develop skills in problem solving and time management.

Tony needs to develop skills in prioritizing work assignments and time management.

She needs to get a better understanding of the company’s established standards.

He is inattentive and unresponsive to suggestions for improving his job performance.

He needs to be more supportive of a diverse work environment.

She needs to improve the quality of feedback provided to employees – often prone to only positive feedback when constructive feedback is necessary.

Job expectations have not yet been met.

The ability to gather appropriate information before acting could be strengthened.

Tony needs to increase his contributions to team efforts.

Communication skills need to be refined.

Improvement in organizational skills would be beneficial to increase productivity.

Clearly out of shape and unable to meet the physical fitness demands of the job – immediate improvement is required.

Needs to improve his project management efforts by prioritizing tasks more effectively.

Closing skills at sales presentations should be improved.

Improvement with compliance to company policy is required.

Tony could produce better-written documents by improving his spelling.

His improvement has been slow and below standards.

He has shown little to no improvement.



Also see Leadership, Training, Supervisor, Ethics, Teamwork, Job knowledge and other categories as appropriate.


Demonstrates the highest standards both on and off duty

Total commitment to mission accomplishment

Completely dedicated to mission accomplishment

Puts the Army, the mission and subordinates first before own interests

Personal conduct, both on and off duty reflects favorably on the NCO Corps

Demonstrates and conveys a favorable image of the organization

Places soldier’s needs above his own

Displays a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity

Provides equal opportunity to all soldiers regardless of race, sex or creed

Displays absolute loyalty to superiors and the organization

Demonstrates a genuine pride in the unit’s mission

She has intense loyalty to the Army and the mission that has inspired the confidence of her supervisors

Shows courage and determination when faced with adversity


Selected over five other senior NCOs to be Division Chief

Completed a high priority mission in Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm

Qualified expert on the M16

Had a suggestion approved through the Army suggestion program

Completed the Department of Labor Apprenticeship program in electrical repair during this period

Achieved an academic average of 95% at BNCOC, exceeding course standards

Her advice is regularly sought by other NCOs and soldiers

Strongly committed to doing the job right the first time

ANCOC Honor Graduate

Won the battalion Noncommissioned Officer of the quarter competition

Has made many sound recommendations to improve the overall efficiency of the operational mission


Motivated his soldiers to achieve an average physical fitness score of 261

Score 275 on the physical fitness test

Frequently leads physical training

Conducted team physical training while in the field

All soldiers in his section scored 260 or higher on the APFT

All his soldiers passed the APFT

Recognizes the importance of sound physical and mental health for top performance

Fails to recognizes the importance of sound physical and mental health for top performance

Achieved a maximum scored of 300 on the last APFT

Monitors and encourages improvement in physical and military bearing of his subordinates


Exceeded standards for appearance and bearing

Mentally, physically and emotionally ready to lead in combat
Fully committed to success; always gives 100 percent
Demonstrates positive mental attitude; always gives 100 percent
Appearance and Military bearing are above reproach

Displays mental toughness under extreme pressure
Performs well under pressure
Sets the example for subordinates
Disciplined in attitude, appearance, poise and authority
Always displays a commendable military appearance
Lacks pride in military appearance
Military bearing does not always meet standards

Military bearing and appearance are of the highest caliber

Presents the image of a professional soldier


Provided mature leadership as the Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) for a command related casualty

Provided for the health and welfare of his team while they are on extended TDY

Gives subordinates the authority needed to effectively carry out delegated responsibilities

All eligible soldiers in his platoon passed the promotion boards

Handled extremely stressful and potentially dangerous situations during Operation Desert Storm in a professional manner

An aggressive leader who constantly seeks responsibility

Molds individual soldiers into highly motivated and productive team members

He instills pride in his soldiers and exudes maximum effort from them by setting the example

Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as team chief


Developed Sergeants to be routinely used in Staff Sergeant positions as Squad Leader

Enrolled in off duty college courses to complete his Bachelors Degree

Continues to train his soldiers while on extended TDY

Encourages the individual growth and development of subordinates

Motivated one of his soldiers to complete a Bachelor of Science degree

Is frequently tasked with training inexperienced soldiers and molding them into highly productive team members

Encouraged subordinates to enroll in Army correspondence courses

Trained and conditioned soldiers who failed the APFT achieving outstanding results

Developed and implemented a special PT program with excellent results


Meticulously managed a $50,000 TDY budget, reducing expenditures by $8,000

His emphasis on safety resulted in no accidents or loss time in his section

His branch logged over 10,000 accident free miles

Exceeded 6,000 accident free miles during this rating period

Earned commendable ratings on all safety inspections

Ensured all assigned vehicles were always mission ready

Constantly improves maintenance procedures to ensure optimum mission readiness

Is unrelenting in insisting all soldiers follow proper maintenance procedures


Unlimited potential to excel in positions of increasing responsibility and scope

Has excellent potential for future positions of increased responsibility

Promote ahead of contemporaries

Promote with peers

To maximize her potential; assign to positions of increased responsibility

Extremely interested in the well being of his soldiers and others in the unit

Recommend future job as a Platoon Sergeant

Displays outstanding confidence and enthusiasm for assigned duties

Assumes full responsibility for her soldiers at all times

Has the potential and desire to perform at higher levels of responsibility

His potential and capabilities exceed those of his contemporaries

Clearly demonstrates the ability for increased responsibility at the next higher level

High level of motivation instills esprit de corps in both subordinates and superiors

Aggressive competitor; takes great pride in leading the unit


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